Kondengui Prisoners Of Conscience Write To Ambazonians: NEVER COMPROMISE, KEEP FIGHTING

Interim Government of Buea




Failure Starts From Compromise

For a thousand years we will stand with Ambazonia; for a million years, we will put Ambazonia first. Two years ago, the beginning of the fall of #FrenchCameroun ignited by the courage of a people who have been battered and shattered by the very compromise of our forefathers gained grounds through the daring and staring of death in the face and yet the misery lives on and in prison, it is worse.

We have seen treachery and sabotage, plain maneuver and threats, yet we did not bend. We have seen danger and death and we have been hunted by #FrenchCameroun military and government right into their own dungeons and cages, yet we did not bend because we know that compromise is the beginning of failure.

Ambazonians, today, we ask you one question: what will change if we are released from here and we lose the land our forefathers asked us to fight for? When Muna and Foncha asked for forgiveness at the AAC I in Buea in 1993 and urged us to fight until the restoration of our statehood. It was because they knew that compromise is the beginning of failure. If we compromise our children will fight and if our children refuse to fight, God will raise stones to fight for Ambazonia.

The land Albert Mukong and Mola Njoh Litumba gave their lives for; the land Augustine Ngom Jua gave his all for; the land Fon Gorji Dinka bled for; the land Chief Ayamba spent his life in and out of jail for; the land Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe, Nfor Ngala Nfor, Tassang Wilfred and co. are giving their lives for; the land our fallen heroes keep giving their lives for on the battlefield against #FrenchCameroun military and propaganda ministers; the land we have bored with our blood and more, the land we were given 11-15 years jail sentences for will never be up for compromise. The choice of life and death lies in the benevolence of our creator, the God of Ambazonia and no one else, not even a #FrenchCameroun propaganda minister or president. We will never compromise, not even for a release. Never give up, fight till the last man because all we have got is EACH OTHER.

On that note, it’s imperative and non-negotiable that all front-line leaders must unite against this devils in sheep clothing. No to compromise! No! No! And again, freedom is won and not given on a platter of gold. We are Ambazonians by blood and that is final.




  1. patrick tabetando

    September 26, 2018 at 12:50 PM

    If our prisoners are ready to die under tortue and firing squard or under water dumping or boarding, why should we not fight on?

  2. Mukong

    September 26, 2018 at 3:12 PM

    Compromise in the face of unimaginable criminality and unspeakable brutality define those of moral turpitude. That being said, we cannot but continuously admire your steadfastness despite the dehumanizing conditions under which you are being subjected.
    Some might want to betray this cause, but I only hope they reflect on their stance and that of the majority of people in Ambazonia.

  3. Bonnie

    September 26, 2018 at 7:12 PM

    Millions of patriotic southern Cameroonians will fight till we achieve our main goal which is independence!those foolish biya propaganda lists of colonial slaves are trying effortless to paint Ayaba ADF as enemy nevertheless he is among the most patriotic driving force behind SCs independence,the few weak hearted SCs are falling to french Cameroon propaganda of division, it will never work this time because we are smarter than the deceit lrc used against our fore fathers,biya and his propaganda machine is dotage,the old french puppet will never kill or stop the younger generations of Ambazonians who have risen to fall no more,we the Ambazonians will take back what is ours forcefully,those evil weak Ambazonians who are sidelining with the colonial regime and their families will be exiled, we see,known and despise all of them!may our ancestors destroy all of them in the name of Jesus!

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