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Kenyan Government Demands Answers Over Death of Priest Citizen In Cameroon.

The Government of the Republic of Kenya through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs has written a one-page document, formally demanding answers for the death of one of its citizens resident in Cameroon. In the document dated Saturday November 24, 2018,  the Kenyan Government stated that she has formally inquired from the Cameroon Government through it’s High Commission in Abuja, Nigeria about the circumstances leading to the death of its citizen.

In the document signed by Macharia Kamau, Principal Secretary at the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the church and the Kenyan people have been assured that the Regime of Uhuru Kenyatta would earnestly pursue answers on the event they describe as sad. While conveying sincerest condolences to the family, colleagues and friends of the deceased, the Foreign Affairs Ministry also stated that Fr. Cosmas Omboto was allegedly shot and killed by the Cameroonian military.

On-the-ground reports from National Telegraph’s secret stringers in Kembong, Eyumojock Subdivision in Manyu Division in the South West Region of the embattled Cameroon had confirmed that Fr. Cosmas Omboto Ondari, a Mill Hill Priest from Kenya, serving as the Parochial Vicar of the St Martin of Tours Parish in Kembong, some few kilometers from Mamfe, the headquarters of Manyu was shot and killed by the Cameroonian military.

The Man of God was shot twice by the Cameroonian military; on the left side of his chest and around his private part while standing in front of the Church at about 3PM, Wednesday November 21, 2018. He died on the spot and was preserved at about 6PM at the Mamfe District Hospital Mortuary. Cameroon’s Defense Minister, Joseph Beti Assomo officially signed a bulletin, accusing Eric Tataw, an Activist and Journalist based in the US for the death of the Priest in which State-run radio and television CRTV read several times, insisting it was the Journalist. Eric Tataw has debunked it. In a BBC Interview that followed, the Bishop of Mamfe, His Lordship Andrew Nkea, categorically stated that the Priest was shot and killed by the Cameroonian military.

The Mill Hill Missionary, 33, was ordained on Sunday March 26, 2017 in Kisii, Kenya. Before this incident, three other Men of God had been brutally murdered by the Cameroonian military; Charles Trumann Wesco, an American Missionary was shot and killed in Bambui in the North West Region of Cameroon on Tuesday October 30, 2018, Apostle Isaac Attoh of the Destiny Impact Ministry from Ghana was shot and killed on Saturday July 14, 2018 in Batibo, another war torn town in the unruly North West Region of Cameroon.

On Friday July 20, 2018, Rev Fr. Alexander Sob Nougi, Former Catholic Education Secretary for the Diocese of Buea who at the time of his death was Parish Priest of Bomaka in Buea was shot by military in Muyuka, another unruly town in the South West. Residents of the two English-speaking Regions of Cameroon took up arms against a predominantly French government especially after President Paul Biya declared war when his administration rejected dialogue to address basic socio-political grievances of the lawyers, teachers and the common man.

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1 Comment

  1. Sunshine

    November 26, 2018 at 2:04 AM


    biya and his criminals do what they want but soon it will not be so because he will be hunted down. The truth stands on one spot and will sooner or later be revealed. The truth is that biya and his criminals are killing Ambazonians over their oil and natural resources and telling the world they are not. Who declared war against the peaceful people of Ambazonia and for what? We knew of no war but biya declared it on us to kill us to satisfy his diabolic wants. Now, after being tired of killing poor Ambazonilan, he just turned his criminal army to kill foreigners- A Kenyan and an American. The killing has gone unto biya’s head and the God of heaven shall ask him of all the killings in Ambazonia. I hope he has an answer because the TRUTH shall set Ambazonia freeeee even if biya kills all Ambazonians now.

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