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Ground Zero To Dictate Pace Of Revolution After Decisive Meeting



Ground Zero To Dictate Pace Of Revolution After Decisive Meeting

By Mbah Godlove

Information about the ongoing Ambazonian war of independence will no longer be decided by diasporans, but by top Commanders in Ground Zero, GZ.

Earlier this Tuesday, August 2, a videotape circulated on social media in which General Bitter collar from Meme County intimated that issues of the struggle will henceforth be decided in GZ.

The dreaded Ambazonian Commander revealed that Ambazonian Restoration Forces have now united, adding that communication will now be coordinated from home, and not in the diaspora.

In a recent meeting bringing together over 50 top Commanders including Field Martials, Generals, Colonel and Captains, Meme County’s Gen. Bitter Collar and Commander Armoured Car of Mezam were elected Communication Secretaries for the GZ defense forces.

With regards to rumours of a one-month lockdown of the territory, General Bitter collar said nothing as such would take place in Ambazonia, stressing that only Monday traditional operations should be respected.

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