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John Mbah Akuroh Situates Dr. Liz Ambe, Uplifts The Good In Chris Anu









John Mbah Akuroh, veteran CRTV Journalist, trained diplomat, activist and refugee has beautifully responded to Dr Liz Ambe rhetorics, Former IG Education Vice Chair who resigned few weeks after taking over. In JMA responds to Ambe’s rhetoric, he founded time to situate Dr. Ambe and makes it clear that he naturally supports initiatives that protects and support our people. Below is Dr. Ambe rhetoric and Akuroh’s response

Dr. Liz writes:

JMA , knowingly and habitually supporting Chris Anu and the IG’s false propaganda.

This is the same kind of game John Egweyan ( spelling?) was playing before he joined the IG and helped the IG to infiltrate the TIGERS . We know the rest of the story.

I have told JMA several times, as recently and repeatedly ( ad recently as last week when he put out his last video ) that he has to decide on what side he is on this struggle ; if he is warm or cold.

*He can’t keep straddling the fence!*

You can’t throw your support behind those who are wrong or refuse to call them out directly and still say that you are on the side of RIGHT. You can’t eat your cake and have it .

Those of you who care for JMA ( and there are a few here) please, ask him why he keep backing the words and actions of an IG that has clearly betrayed our cause and has resolutely refuses to call them out directly even when they are spreading false propaganda?

Dr. Liz Ambe

Please help me help JMA to rescue himself from any entangled web that he may be caught in, that makes it so difficult for him to call a spade a spade.

We have been played for 57 years. Not all of us are still not fools. We can spot players when we see them! This sycophantic praise for Chris Anu from one journalist to another; spreading unverified information that’s not vetted and of course whose source can never be traced ; is worrisome. Then JMA tells Paul Biya directly in his audio that our foot soldiers are not hiding in the bushes; that they are among them. Is that a decoy or direct information to the enemy?

*If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck; it is a duck!


Akuroh Responds

Thank you so much for always being who you are; a frank and steadfast individual who believes in what she stands for! And thank you for always talking straight to us all directly and unambiguously as we tremble through the paths we (some of us) truly think will lead to the freedom we seek.

I am not in the habit of responding to such criticisms, but for some reason, I feel at liberty to do so right now.

Sometimes we convince ourselves that because it comes from some particular persons we have set aside as not trustworthy, it cannot be true and should be ignored. This is regrettable, especially so because in times of war, no warning should be ignored. Better take precautions and find out later that it was a false alarm, than not border at all and never be able to stand and tell the story of how you regret your action. This is not a movie, it is a real situation.

Besides, I have served in that system for almost two decades and I can assure you that when it comes to maintaining his grip on power and the sources of the wealth they squander around so recklessly, there is nothing imaginable that Biya and his band of blood thirsty demagogues cannot conceive or do, particularly when they know the Super Powers will continue to look elsewhere!

Take note, that when I personally drew Sisiku AyukTabe ‘ s attention to the effect that I received intelligence from Yaounde that Biya’s men were to go after us, and especially they who were permanent residents in Nigeria, he received it like a ferry tale. When I indicated that we were in danger, even as refugees under international protection there, it was laughable and some people even told me they expected better from a trained diplomat like myself who should know how the international system functions.

You may also want to know, that when on the 10th of December I forwarded a text I received from Yaounde to Sisiku AyukTabe, alleging he was no longer sure of his security in Nigeria and had moved to seek asylum in the USA, and that Yaounde was rethinking it’s strategy to get to him, he reacted by saying it was a false alarm because of course he was still in Nigeria body and soul. Dr. Liz, note this well; I told Sisiku AyukTabe in response that he certainly had plans of relocating to the USA and might have hinted someone he TRUSTED so much and should be aware that the trusted fellow would certainly have hinted Yaounde. I think the rest of the story is now public knowledge and of course international treaties and conventions were flouted and people granted asylum following the norms were sent back into harm’s way!!!!

There are several instances where we received intelligence from Yaounde on some of the craziest things you can ever imagine, and yes, they were real, because I receive first hand information generally and backed by highly classified official documents!

Yaounde right now is not just desperate, but extremely so for a number of reasons which include, but are not limited to the following:

1- The government treasury is rapidly getting empty by the day and sources of loans are dwindling with a growing international uncertainty about the state of the peace in Cameroon

2- The government has secured the loyalty of Nigeria at an extremely heavy cost, yet the restoration forces are still so strong and they are wondering where their support base is

3- Yaounde expected the crackdown to last only a few weeks by the deployment of some of the best soldiers the country ever trained, but mind you those so-called well trained elite troops are dying in the hands of untrained and maybe uncoordinated young volunteers like chicken

4- The increased desertion being witnessed within the ranks of the Cameroon army tells Biya that some desperate measures need to be taken else the DISGRACE is quite close

5- Labour Day was a sham in Southern Cameroons and Biya knows that even the GCE this year is extremely in jeopardy and worse, some international bodies are beginning to agree that things may never be the same again, thus all MUST be made to secure a desperate VISIBLE attachment to National unity on May 20 in Southern Cameroons.

6- The ranks of the restoration forces is growing in a geometric progression, meaning the troubles of Yaounde may only be increasing, as villages are burnt and desperate youth get frustrated into taking arms

7- Finally, Biya may see a serious uprising east of the Mungo soon as joblessness grows due to thinning financial resources, the folding up of businesses that are no longer surviving and inability to pay civil servants not too long from now.

These are pointers to the fact that Biya is at crossroads and can do anything to survive a few more days.

Also recall, that when a warning went out that some devices were being buried in the ground and they could be mines in Manyu, a lot of us brushed it aside until recently LRC soldiers climbed on some that claimed their lives.

Dear Comrade, that said, I like to point out that no one human is perfect or has the monopoly of knowledge. Comrade Anu Chris might be making some mistakes, in fact, he has made many and even called me at one point an agent of Yaounde; yet I think it must be said that he has contributed enormously to this struggle and is indeed still sacrificing as best he can. You too, at one point hailed him for a job well done. I think we MUST learn to stand with people when they do well and call them out when they are wrong with the view to getting them back on track. None of us ever piloted any revolution of this magnitude, thus we are all learning on the job.

My late father always reminded me (and I thank him for that) to always pick out and highlight the good things others do, while correcting them on their mistakes, because we risk having no one to work with if all we decide to see is the bad side of people. Who in this revolution has not at one time been christened an agent of Yaounde? Shall we therefore throw everyone away?

As for the joining of the IG, be reminded that I had my chance to join and I turned it down and that is final. I strongly hold this truth to be self evident that a lot of those really pushing this revolting forward are not in the IG, don’t even plan to join it and may never ever even be interested in power.

Lastly, if I do not make this remark here, I will be unfair to myself and all those who are now facing the worst moments of their lives as refugees. I am at least lucky to have a loving, caring family and an army of selfless friends rushing to my rescue. You have too often, and you are not alone, derided us the refugees for having no opinion of ours because we MUST continue to praise – sing to please some people in order to continue to hope for assistance from them to survive. Some of us earned so much money, were too financially comfortable for what we are facing today and the mere fact that some spare money (and we are always very thankful to them) to assist us meet are food needs only to turn around and call is names is not only shameful, but disengenious!!! Why give (and you are under no obligation to do so) only to turn around and demean these people already being tortured by their mere circumstances? I guess no one in the SCACUF, SCAPAC, GC or IG can claim that any of these structures any signed out any form of assistance to JMA that can today be interpreted to mean that they have bought my allegiance. I stay by what I think is right and no one can reformat my brain or thought pattern.


John Mbah Akuroh

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