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The Present Interim Government Needs An Overhaul And Restructuring: A Mark Bareta Proposals



Interim Government of Buea








I will like to maintain that the Southern Cameroons Interim Government whose roots could be traced from SCACUF, Governing Council and now the Interim Government (IG) is no doubts the people’s government and carries the great support both home and abroad. It has received in history, financial, moral, physical, spiritual support more than any other government or group ever existed in the past history of the Southern Cameroons Revolution. However, despite the fierce opposition, it has continued to have such support.

However, this support has not been able to translate into big successes both home and in the diaspora, especially when it comes to diplomatic strides and now defense issues on the ground. There has been lost of morals, lost of financial contribution and the social media space has been polluted with in fighting, insults, ego, power, etc. This is so because there is a significant minority which must not be left out, which must not be ignored and brushed asides.

I have always stated that it is only Ambazonians who say the IG is their government and recognises that way. It is only Ambazonians who say the IG is popular and recognises it this way. While all these are true, the international community which is most important does not see it this way. They see a revolution with more than 7 main groups, they see a revolution with different leaders, they see a revolution with different armed groups, they see a revolution with groups in the diaspora fighting each other, they see a revolution with different groups depositing documents at the same office, they see not a structured but somewhat confused revolution. This is because even the minority has a say and their words are significant and has an effect on the conduct of our revolution. We have seen how by their actions, social media energy can be consumed in a week, we have seen how they could turn decisions or make the IG react in different ways. All these could be avoided.

I will therefore like to CATEGORICAL state that everything facing our revolution now lies with the leadership because citizens or Southern Cameroonians will respond according to the direction leadership goes, thus my proposals will focus more on leadership. A structured unified leadership will make it possible for every other things to fall in place.

I am a soldier of the revolution. It is no doubts that despite the flaws and foundation where this IG came from, I supported it and I still do. However, it is time to look back, reflect and do some restructuring. I am glad that comrade Kometa reached out for these proposals. I will be sharing this same proposal with other leaders. These are therefore my proposals.


It is true that Southern Cameroonians are crazy about the idea of a government. I am also in that category. But the truth is that history has shown us that governments are not formed within a revolution anyhow. If that must happen, it always takes the form of a council, call its governing council, the revolutionary council, etc. where existing main groups are brought together, the details of the coming together mapped out in a text, departments created, a chair elected amongst them etc. and in this way they can prosecute the revolution.
In our case, this was how SCACUF was supposed to be and at the same time the defunct Governing Council. However, that process was hijacked and it became heavily flawed. SCACUF failed to live up to its existing terms, failed to draft a text and later on becoming, a structure of only the Consortium and SCNC with other groupings out. This same route went on and transformed into the Interim Government. The underlying reason being that leaders did not sit down to agree on the type of structure or government they wanted or need and then sell it out to the Ambazonia people

A second way of creating a government could be through direct suffrage where our people could vote. This option at this moment is not possible on ground zero, nothing like this can take place and voting cannot be limited only to the diaspora not even by any electronic means. Therefore, we are left with the only option of a revolutionary council. In order to get the revolution again on tract, get an international support, rally our people, my proposals are that this Interim Government needs to go back to the roots and restructure. It should not be dissolved. We must be careful of language

While stating so, I must caution about the syndrome of majority and Minority. The idea that one group is popular, has popular support should be shelved even if so because this is what has greatly destroyed us. We have seen that even the so called minority can change things around therefore we must go forward sit on the same table of equality. The Ambazonia people will accept what these leaders accept and it should be sold as such.

a. Create an IG REVOLUTIONARY COUNCIL. I will prefer this name. This council should bring forth all existing main groups as we know them today-G8. These leaders will have to define how this council operates, come out with clear text on its functions, who leads and how long, maybe on a rotational basis so that the enemy knows you cannot get one and succeeds. In order to incorporate existing IG structures, the council should create departments which is supervised by one of the main G8 members-e.g. the following departments come to mind 1. Finance 2. Defense and Homeland security 3. Communication 4. Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy 5. Health and Social Affairs 6. County/LGA Director

And any other relevant departments. This way the existing structure in the IG can still be maintained oversee by one of the leaders of the G8. If there has to be any change in the members of that department, the head of the department works on it and present to the G8 Council for approval before people are dropped or replaced. In fact, all missions of the departments have to be approved by the council. That way there is order.

b. One of the most important thing is FINANCE. This should be duly debated and structured. Let them look at the Eritrean model and others to see how this can work. Because Finance can crumble and kill a structure, it has to be duly decided. My proposals are that all the groups should drop any group donations. It should be dead. The Council should create a unified account which is the revolution account. All donations or tax system for the diaspora goes into that account. The council will have to decide percentages that goes to the various departments as the need arises. And the council must decide if any money is to be disbursed for projects, etc. In this case, the council must develop a veto power of all leaders therein so that all leaders in the council must always be in agreement. This means even if one leader disagree, it must not go through. This forces collaboration, tolerance and makes it possible for actual things to be done. This way revolution money remains only for the revolution.

c. Sisiku Ayuk Julius Tabe must REMAIN the Supreme Leader, President or whatever name the council decides. He must not be dropped. He remains the President of the IG revolutionary council. Likewise, Sako must not be dropped. Sako should remain the Acting Supreme Leader or Acting President of the IG Revolutionary council now supported by this powerful Council. By now, the council must have drafted the role of each and everyone and how they relate. I think at the beginning that could be so for at least six months and then it now rotates to say Comrade Elvis Kometa as the next Acting President or Supreme leader or maybe Sako remains there acting as such since maybe the other leaders will be manning departments.

d. The next powerful issue is the Defense Department. Since we now have all groups in the IG Revolutionary Council, the current ASC now becomes a full blown Defense council oversee by one of the leaders of the G8. This defense council should be able to unite all forces now acting as Ambazonia Army. We can now kill the individual names and bring our forces under one umbrella. They will receive tremendous support since most funding will be directed that way. This way, no infighting of fighters on ground zero will be taking place. The defense council will thus be able to know the force in each county, build strategies for our fighters. They will be able to stop any videos coming from ground zero and only sanction videos that does not expose our fighters. This defense council can actually cause serious foreign partners to approach the IG Revolutionary Council for real partnership and deals.

e. In order not to completely lose the LGA and Country heads in the diaspora because we need them for mobilisation, funds raising etc. One of the G8 members become a head/Director and he/she directs and liaise with all of them to ensure that the mission of the IG Revolutionary council is achieved.

I sincerely think with these proposals, the current Interim Government may have been 100 percent restructured, everyone knows who is doing what. We now have one structure that can go out for diplomacy, not in disperse ranks, our ground zero forces are united, social media rancour is stopped, finance contribution and confidence will be boosted and the revolution will be short lived.

Mark Bareta

Ambazonia Activist


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