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Interim Government Recognises SCCOP, Includes SCCOP In Newly Created ACORN





The Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia has for the first time since the creation of the Southern Cameroons Congress of the People-SCCOP recognized and endorsed the group SCCOP. This recognition and endorsement according to BaretaNews understanding came through the inclusion of SCCOP as one of the representatives into the newly created commission for reconciliation and negotiations-ACORN towards resolving conflicts and setting the pathway for negotiations towards the actualization of Southern Cameroons Restoration. This move was made on Saturday, 27th October 2018 public address to Ambazonians by Acting President Dr.Sako Samuel. BaretaNews understands this move by the IG is meant to rally all known forces fighting for the independence of Ambazonia despite the troubling past. It should be recalled that SCCOP led by Atam Milan is a membership-based group and before now most of them represented the backbone of Sisiku led IG. ACORN according to the public statement is headed by Professor Carlson Ayangwe. Below is a full text of this commission.


ANNOUNCING THE Ambazonia Commission for Reconciliation and Negotiations-ACORN.

As we advance during this challenging times, it is important for us to major on the things that bind us together and narrow out on those things that set us apart. There are many bruises and self-inflicted wounds we must seek to heal so we get to Buea sooner than later. We must not give any room to our common enemy to triumph over us. In this spirit, on behalf of all our heroes dead and alive, I have created the Ambazonia Commission for Reconciliation and Negotiations-ACORN.

This commission will be made up of two chambers; The general Assembly Chamber and the technical Committee Chambers;

I.) The General assembly Chamber: 1. President Sisiku AyukTabe And All other 9 Leaders in Jail (ex-officio) 2. Mancho Bibixy 3. Interim Government Representatives (SCNC, Consortium, Coffin Revolution and SCAPO). 4. Two Elderly Statement: Pa Mola Njoh Litumbe and Ambassador Fossung 5. Two AGC Representatives. 6. Two legal minds 7. Two APLM Representatives 8. One Expert Economist(TBA) 9. One Expert Mediator(TBA) 10. Constitutional Law Expert and Chair of ACORN: Prof Carlson Anyangwe. 11. Two Faith-based Representative (One Christian and one Muslim) 12. Two Representative of the ASC 13. Two Ambazonia Administrators on GZ 14. One MoRISC Representative 15. One Republic of Ambazonia Representative 16. One SCCOP Representative 17. Two Southern Cameroonian Women Representatives from North America and Europe.

2.) Two Technical committees chamber; i) The Technical Committee for Reconciliation amongst Ambazonians ii) The Technical Committee for Negotiations towards the actualization of our independence



  1. Malis

    October 29, 2018 at 1:16 AM

    And so what?

    The most important thing is that we the people have the direct say over ourselves, our county and LGS thereby rendering all these groups insignificant. Also, the IG is not going to be the one doing for us, we Ambazonians at our county and LGA will now take charge with little interference for the IG.

    In organizing ourselves at the local level, we do not need groups at all.

    It is a great thing that the IG finally accept that we Ambazonians select out leaders and present to them, instead of them selecting and presenting to us.

    As we the Ambazonias people press on with C by C and LGA by LGA, these so-called group in the diaspora and their few followers can remain in their illusion and keep fighting themselves. This time we will not even intervene or try to stop them.

    Right now, I’m looking at these groups and just laughing. All that their empty talk end only on Facebook, Let them come to us at our county level and try to talk that nonsense, we will put them exactly where they belong. Those days of begging are over.

  2. Dika

    October 30, 2018 at 5:24 AM

    We are right at the tipping point where Independence can be attained or we go back into slavery because GZ is feed-up. Some of the Amba boys are worse than LRC troops.
    They are seizing peoples property, they are taxing the few traders who are brave enough to bring goods its just sad, these are the people we contribute money to and they destroy our property with no remorse.

    I am refusing to accept that the IG is just comfortable being government. They come on TV and ask for help, even Dr. Matsanga told AIP that a lot of people are calling his program and asking how they could help us.
    All we need now is for just one UN member to recognize us. Lobby countries for that instead of going and telling how they are killing your people. They know the history, they see the killings. Tell them what we need – Recognition.

    America went through the same thing when Britain ruled the world, countries were afraid to cross Britain by recognizing America but Morocco was the first to do the honour before other countries could follow. There are six Independent countries who are none UN members we could be the seventh if you focus on that.

    The UN at this point cannot do anything for us but their members can. Do you know how many people have been killed in Yemen? Or Palestine?
    Common IG stop looking inwards, stop this group nonsense.

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