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Increasing Fire Power on Ground: Duty not Choice



Increasing Fire Power on Ground: Duty not Choice.

By Mbah Godlove.

As the dry season draws ever nearer, increasing the volume of firepower in Ambazonia is a fundamental duty and not an option.

Pundits maintain that the level of pressure mounted by Ambazonia forces on colonial soldiers reduced in the past months owing to the rainy season.

A clarion call ringing alarm bells that reinforcing self-defense is now an obligation because freedom forces are said to increase firepower on the ground.

As BN had earlier reported, guerilla warfare like that in Ambazonia is best in the dry season.

Fighters have enough time and space to reflect and embark on well-planned out deadly missions, a sine qua non for victory.

While Freedom fighters braze up for the task ahead of them, they must not be left alone.

This is the time to galvanise resources and fund the struggle in a manner different from ever before.

Pundits believe that arming fighters ahead of the upcoming dry season is putting a square peck in a square hole.

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