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Cameroun Bar President has dessicated Common Law Lawyers




*_Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit” Out of nothing cometh nothing_*

_This is a course we are prepared to die for if need be, to retrospect Nelson Mandela of blessed memory. Needless to say we’re already dying for it. So it is better to die than to lie down._

It is now common place that he who comes to equity must come with clean hands. The Bar President has publicly and unequivocally desiccated with the plight of COMMON LAW LAWYERS.
This political manoeuvre must be arrested and nursed in a bud before it blossoms.

It is a blast to the COMMON LAW LAWYERS which was and is still an integral and indespensable part of the Cameroon Bar.
It is an aberration of Justice and a shame to the legal fraternity in Cameroon.
It violates all known conventional norms and is an affront to us, common sense and a carefully crafted move to bring the legal practice into disrepute.

I pride myself as a seasoned common law lawyer who have felt the pangs of this struggle from the dawn of it. I cannot kill my conscience and stay quiet in the face of blatant legal shenanigans of the highest order plaguing the Bar. Dr Myles Munroe once said. _”The greatest tragedy in life is not death but life without a purpose._”
They may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.

let me hastily say that i have followed closely with deep concerns the Bartonier from the genesis of this strike. As a sub set of the Cameroon Bar, the Batonier has failed woefully in lending a voice to push across the plight of the COMMON LAW LAWYERS.

How on earth can you sir, who have not felt the pinch of staying off work for close to 6 months and still counting direct a communique calling off the COMMON LAW LAWYERS STRIKE?? The million dollar question that begs for an answer. Is it because of the cosmetic promises termed solutions to our demands that were aired lately by the Minister of Justice and keeper of the seal on behalf of the president? For crying out loud, this is tantamount to crying morethan the bereaved.

With all due respect Sir, in as much as you still remain the president of the Cameroon Bar of which the COMMON LAW LAWYERS is a subset, meaning we owe allegiance to the former, we would have without hesitation heed to your call had It been you shepherded us. But I make bold to say you have shown no solidarity towards the course of the COMMON LAW LAWYERS ab initio.

You cannot now appear to assume responsibilities that u shied away from. It’s too late in the day. _”In matters of truth and justice, there’s no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.”_(Albert Einstein)

Lord Denning in one of his celebrated quotes stated inter-alia that you can’t put something on nothing and expect it to stand. It will collapse. Conversely, that communique puts nothing on something. I lend my voice to add that it therefore suspends it on one leg and hence it will certainly collapse too.

Take notice that the COMMON LAW BAR was created on the 8 of November 2016 in Bamenda under the seal of the constituent heads (Presidents) of Northwest lawyers Association. (NOWELA) Bar Bobga Harmony, Fako lawyers Association, Bar Agbor Balla Nkongho. (FAKLA), Meme Lawyers Association (MELA) Manyu lawyers Association ( MALA) as unanimously agreed by the General Assembly.
Only the president’s of these constituents have the mandate to call off the COMMON LAW LAWYERS strike which we all initiated. That will mean The release of Bar Agbor Balla et al and the return and or consent of the other heads currently on exile.

That communique purportedly calling off the strike cannot in any way bind us. No way!! It is void, inconsequencial and extremely vexacious. It is incomprehensible how your meetings with the so called “Senior Advocates” can lead to you now being the spokesman and the official person now mandated to negotiate with the Government regarding the plight of COMMON LAW LAWYERS. It really baffles me and leaves so much to be desired.

we are not moved by the Cosmetic solutions recently granted by the government by way of unenforceable promises with no binding instrument to that effect.

There’s dire need for a complete overhaul of the Legal Practitioner Act if we intend to revert to the previous dispensation with sound equal and equitable status, the bands on our associations have to uplifted, The promises aired will be a gong without an urgent rigorous time frame for implementation and above all our colleagues have to be unconditionally released. We had advocated in one of our banners during our peaceful protest than only a two state federation will completely answer our demands which has metamorphosed into “The Anglophone Problem” This is peak of it all and it is yet to be addressed.

We ain’t hungry, we are resolute more than before. We remain steadfast. It’s a do-or-die course well sanctioned by the Constitution which guarantees our rights to the same and recognizes a Bijurial legal system. We shall resist till the last man standing to borrow the words of Hon Wirba the liberator. The COMMON LAW LAWYERS initiated this struggle. We have taken special notice of the reactions of southern Cameroonians regarding the call by the Bar president to resume work. Be rest assured we and standing taller and firmer than before and the struggle will continue with more impetus than before.


Humbly Submitted. Concerned Common law Advocate and critique.

?? Share until it gets to Bar Kamga.The Batonier.

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