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NB: This is a loose facebook translation. The original post is in French and can be found here
When our people win significant victories, it is essential to speak up, to decorate them, so that everyone can understand them. But above all to mark this historic moment by expressing our sagacity, to the extent that it will serve as a benchmark for the future. We are indeed sitting on the shoulders of giants who alone are the measure of our judgement. The Ambazonian victories recorded in this communiqué of the Canadian government that you can also read on its page, in the post link below, are as follows:
1) To have achieved what no Cameroonian nationalist leader, Um Nyobe, Ouandie, or Moumie, has ever achieved – and especially not the UPC, whose leaders as we know, were assassins, poisons, and whose will was returned, turning the UPC itself into a torch that each of us sees strutting in our country, a shadow of itself, thus having achieved what in the history of our country, France and its local supporters, first Ahidjo, and then Biya today, have always refused Cameroonian leaders, that is, for the good of our people, to talk with the Cameroonian government eyes to eyes, equal to equal
2) D’egal a egal means that the Republic of Cameroon has its army, therefore has with it the Cameroonian national army and its minister in charge of defense, Beti Assomo and his left clique, and the Ambazonian movements also have their weapons, including that of Marshal No Pity to the right. That’s it, equal to equal dialogue, because as everyone can see, no Ambazonian force has laid down arms in the North West or South West, as proof, No Pity is walking around without problem and wait for the Bulu who thinks he has balls, which is an absolute situation egalitarian, and means that the Republic of Cameroon recognizes that it no longer has military control over part of its territory, the English-speaking party, which has de facto lost its sovereignty over it
3) Therefore force the Cameroonian government to get to the table of negotiations, and at the same equal feet as the Ambazonians, this being readable on the communique that bears their name equally – ‘Cameroon’ on the left, ‘Ambazonia’ on the right. Here we already have formal recognition of two equal and separate entities, which the Cameroonian government had always refused, saying first that it would not negotiate with terrorists, and then, after the arrest and incarceration of Ambazonian leaders, claiming there was no one to negotiate with, and then finally, after the masquerades of ‘dialogues’ with himself, arguing that he had already begun a peace process.
4) To have acquired the approval of a third state, Canada, after the collapse of the Swiss negotiation, and what’s more, a state that knows well about hegemonic and minority language relations, having also had to regulate the question of Quebec, which would not have been easy. This endorsement is an admission of blatant failure of the Cameroonian government, which pretended to be able to solve the consequences of a civil war that has already caused, at least, more than 20,000 deaths, and put at home a whole generation of English-speaking children, as well as the devastating region.
5) To have started a peace process – I say process, because a process can take a month, or even ten years – the Lancaster process that resulted in Zimbabwe’s independence lasted from September to November, the one that involves Palestine and Israel is still in progress, but the consequence is that the State of Cameroon is thus put into a tunnel whose exit no longer depends on itself, but on the common will of those with whom it is in process and as he said a few years ago time, they don’t exist, and if he slammed the door today to resume the fights it would be useless, he has already accepted his defeat
6) Going in this peace process has many, for Ambazonians, is the guarantee that the Amba leader will not be bought or returned, but above all, it is the guarantee that at least one of them will be faithful to the will of the people. What’s more, the process not making a leader but the conditions of it, the elections supervised by a third country, for independence, to know who will be president, or for other purpose, will only be possible to the extent that there are several groups involved in the peace process which is the basis for its starting point. This was the case again with Zimbabwe in the Lancaster agreements, which were led by Mugabe, Nkomo, who only left through elections won by Mugabe, to the general surprise
7) Have for our collective good, discredit the cardboard figures that the power has made in recent years, and threw between their feet – people like Kamto, who is by the way, returns on his own feet to Etoudi to offer his services, and I’m passing on -, because we have to remember well that the English-speaking people have not participated in any election since 2017, since they boycotted the 2018 presidential elections, active boycott, boycott the senatorial elections, as well as the legislative elections that followed them, and, writing these words, the English-speaker ELECAM responsible for the elections senators to come this summer, as I read, liquid as a vulgar bandit
8) The process that is opening up in Canada is obviously taking place in the absence of Ambazonian leaders who are currently imprisoned in Kondengui, which means that Cameroon finds itself, with Ambazonians, as well as in the South Africa situation of Apartheid with Nelson Madela and the leadership of the ANC in prison, only in Algeria with the Algerian leadership in prison, an absolutely extraordinary situation, because before us, it is indeed an independent republic that is being composed, according to the schemes shown by history, the release of all Ambazonian prisoners thus becoming political evidence, just like their triumph
9) To have put the question of Cameroonian terrors on the international stage from which it was fraudulently removed in 1961, because, evidently, the Cameroonian question was and will always be that of international law that was not respected during the acquisition of double independence (in 1960 and in 1961), and here, that this is passing through Canada can only be transient. I hope that the Ambazonian battle will inspire Cameroonians of good will, who love our people more than power, to understand how the struggle is led, that is, that it is not led with cynicism, but rather with convictions, the first of which is that our people, like each People of the earth, have the right to freedom
10) In the end, having obliged Paul Biya, who, in 1984, changing the name of Cameroon, had thrown fire to the powders and, logically created Ambazonia by the pen of Gorji-Dinka, had obliged Paul Biya at the evening of his life, to look with his own eyes the ruins of the Cameroon that he will have made, and thus contemplate the summit of the failure that is his forty years of tyranny, yes, to have forced Paul Biya, for once, to see that the rifle he distributed to his Bulu brothers, does not scare a certain people, and even less To the people of Amba. Yes, the fear of Ambas is the beginning of wisdom.
Concierge of the republic

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