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Ambazonians Before We Kill The Newborn Baby- Activist and Former Kondengui Prisoner Fabiano Deco



Ambazonians Before We Kill The Newborn Baby!

Social media & all Ambazonian platforms are busy & occupied with the Statement from Canada. The only item for this annoyance is the word NWSW. Apart from this every other thing falls in place. Now let’s make some assessments and answer some questions ;

1) Is NWSW a geographical territory well recognised? Yes
2) Then Why didn’t they call it by its original name perhaps (Southern Cameroons)? For diplomatic reasons.
3) Did Canada acknowledge that it is a conflict & NOT a crisis? YES
4) Did they make mention of parties involved? Yes, Republique of Cameroun & Independence Movements on the other hand.
5) Has LRC committed to this? Only an official statement from LRC will answer this question. However, its one of the parties which Canada indicated.
6) Did Canada call say call us a political parties or opposition groups as the Swiss did? NO
7) Is the Conflict an internal affair of LRC? NO
8) Why is it not an internal affair of LRC even after calling us NWSW? Internal affairs of states need no external facilitator of mediator.
9) What is the mission & objective of Canada? To ensure that a permanent political solution is arrived at by both parties.
10) Is the Conflict embedded in a political history? YES YES YES the incomplete decolonisation of Former British Southern Cameroons today called NWSW.

1) The reps/leaders in Canada come out with a unanimous statement to address the concerns of their people.
2) The reps/leaders should have a backdoor indepth chat with all stakeholders of the Ambazonian side to form a formidable team.
3) There should be an Ambazonian team of experts in case of any future negotiations going forward. Team of Leaders remain advisers and only report to the general public.
4) This is the moment to demonstrate unity. The reps & all leaders do a global fund raising to buy more guns, RPGs, IEDS & Bullets to ALL fighting units on GZ. These funds should have one channel of collection & a team set up as a matter of emergency.
5) The team of experts & Leaders should form the various committees as prescribed by the facilitator (Canada) in the next step which is CBMs ( Confidence Building Measures), what & how they will look like and be implemented.
6) A one communication channel be also set up with a secretariat.
7) Ambazonians must exercise restrain, weigh in & give this “peace process ” a chance. Without any prejudice, Ambazonia is at 60% to independence if the above is carefully implemented and the greater effort lie in the hands of our 4 reps who were in Canada.

The World Is Watching Closely.

My Name is Fabiano Deco
Amba & Human Rights Activist
Advocate For Self Defense
Saturday, 21st January 2023.

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