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Humanitarian Crisis: Experts Warn Against Malnutrition As Ambazonia War Deepens



Experts Warn Against Malnutrition As Ambazonia War Deepens

By Mbah Godlove

The devastating effects of the ongoing Ambazonia war of independence have become a call for concern as the rate of malnutrition increases day after day.

Speaking to the press in Buea, capital of Ambazonia recently, some medical experts warned that if adequate care is not taken to address the situation, many children will die amidst the deteriorating deadly armed conflict.

Since the outset of the said conflict four years ago, hostilities between the warring actors have made the cultivation of food crops nightmarish as thousands of locals seek refuge in far away destinations.

It is against this backdrop that medics are calling for urgent humanitarian action to tackle the issue which they have described as dire.

Weeks back, Human Rights Watch reported that there was urgent need to address the increasing humanitarian challenges brought about by the deepening struggle for Ambazonia’s liberation from the whims and caprices of La Republic du Cameroun.

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