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French Cameroun Soldiers On Rampage Again: Bafut UNESCO Site Desecrated



French Cameroun Soldiers On Rampage Again: Bafut UNESCO Site Desecrated

By Mbah Godlove.

Inhabitants of Bafut local government area, Northern Zone have expressed disdain over the destruction of their royal Fon’s palace by French Cameroun soldiers.

Despite being a UNESCO heritage site since 2006, Colonial elements still saw every reason to touch the palace. Some locals told BN that earlier on August 6, uniform officers belonging to the regime of occupation stormed the Bafut palace were they established a temporary military base to combat Ambazonia Fighters. The Bujong municipal hall situated at the heart of Fon Abumbi’s castle, we have learned, is currently being occupied by the unruly alien forces who reportedly razed a nearby primary school.

Meantime, over 100 inhabitants mostly women, were abducted by the colonial agents who robbed them of huge sums of money, cell phones and other valuables.

A disgruntled resident told BN Monday August 10 that the worst thing that could happen to a Bafut man was for their culture to be tampered with. “Those behind the desecration of our palace will not go unpunished. The people are angry because, torching the Palace is like torching the heart of a Bafut man. Our ancestors are not sleeping”, he said.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that French Cameroun is attacking the Bafut royal palace.

In 2019, the museum was ramshackle while fire was opened on a prince of the said palace.

A1954 International humanitarian law applicable in times of armed conflicts states that cultural sites should not be targeted by belligerent.

It is on this premise that some human right defenders are repeatedly calling on the international community to punish the government of La Republic du Cameroun for its non respect of international humanitarian law.

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