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Colonial Barbarism Intensifies In Kumbo Despite Traditional Cleansing



Colonial Barbarism Intensifies In Kumbo Despite Traditional Cleansing

By Mbah Godlove.

French Cameroun forces have continued to wreck terror on residence of Bui County after a traditional cleansing took place to seek long lasting peace.

Abduction, killing torture and looting remain very rampant especially in Kumbo.

A local revealed that insecurity has doubled despite the traditional ritual to savage the situation.

He intimated that while the said let’s give peace a chance traditional performance was ongoing, a boy was reportedly shot dead in Kikaikom by colonial soldiers.

In the past days, clashes between Ambazonia fighters and French Cameroun forces have been on the rise.

Inhabitants have described the recent peace ritual as mere politics intended to deceive the population.

Ambazonia military Commanders in Bui County have entreated the population to be vigilant as they continue to track down on elements of the colonial army indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Southern Cameroons.

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