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Ambazonians Decry Rising Prices Of Basic Commodities



Ambazonians Decry Rising Prices Of Basic Commodities

By Mbah Godlove

A recent increase in the prices of bread and vegetables oil has left many Ambazonians in a double degree of tragedy as the war of freedom reaches apogee.

A loaf of bread which was initially sold for 300frs now costs 400frs, while a litter of vegetables oil sold at 1300frs is now worth 1700frs.

It is the same case for food stuff as a 25 kilogram bag of rice previously sold for 10,000frs has risen to 13,000frs.

Trapped in the middle of the price hikes and the worsening war of independence, some Ambazonians say their living standard has dropped drastically as they barely afford a single meal daily.

The situation is worst for Internally Displaced People, IDPs, who have no source of livelihood.

Each passing day, these people pray that the war comes to an end so they could return home and improve on their living conditions.

The situation rather disfavours them as many now starve due to the very high cost of living.

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