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AmbaNews Line Releases Security Guidelines for Freedom Fighters



 AmbaNews Line Releases Security Guidelines for Freedom Fighters

By Mbah Godlove

In light of increasing casualties due to avoidable circumstances among freedom fighters, Amba News Line has unveiled new strategies aimed at enhancing their safety and effectiveness in the ongoing struggle for liberation.

In a recently circulated audio message, AmbaNews Line outlined comprehensive security guidelines tailored to ground fighters in their daily activities. The media organization stressed the importance of heightened vigilance and adherence to precautionary measures to mitigate risks faced by fighters on the frontline.

Key recommendations include the mandatory wearing of masks during missions and the immediate change of clothing post-operation to evade surveillance by colonial forces. Particularly in Bamenda, fighters are urged to heed intelligence warnings regarding the presence of security cameras in civilian areas.

Furthermore, fighters are advised to abstain from using smart devices, as they pose a significant risk of location tracking and compromise. Instead, the use of analogue phones for essential communications via short messages and direct calls is encouraged.

The message underscored the critical importance of self-security, emphasizing that fighters must prioritize their own safety to effectively protect the civilians they represent.

Additionally, fighters are urged to refrain from setting up control posts for taxation purposes, while civilians are urged to fulfill their duty of supporting the liberation cause out of a sense of conscience and love for their homeland.

The release of these security guidelines reflects Amba News Line’s commitment to safeguarding the lives of freedom fighters and advancing the goals of the liberation movement.

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