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Ambazonia War of Independence: Church Leaders Express Outrage Over Military Option.



Interim Government of Buea

Ambazonian war of Independence: Church Leaders Express Outrage Over Military Option.

By Mbah Godlove

Some Ambazonian church leaders have chided the colonial regime of French Cameroun for attempting a military option in restoring peace in Southern Cameroons

During a convention in Buea recently, men of God from some denominations including Catholic, Presbyterian, and Baptist called on the Biya Government to put an end to the ongoing military action in Ambazonia.

The church authorities in one voice lampooned the crackdown on the population, stressing that peaceful measures should be adopted.

To the leaders, the persistent gun battles between the Colonial army and restoration fighters only aggravate the situation on the ground.

Since the start of the Ambazonian war of independence four years ago, the colonial military has been perpetrating war crimes against unarmed civilians.

They have killed nearly twenty thousand persons warned thousands as well as razed over five hundred villages.

Meantime over a million people have been forced to flee their homes and yet over five thousand others incarcerated.

It is against this backdrop that the church leaders are demanding peaceful ways of resolving the ongoing armed conflict.

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