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Hon. Wirba Breaks Silence; Says Two-State Federation Is The Deal




My people, what we need and must take at this point in our history is the lowest political common denominator: THE TWO STATE FEDERATION BETWEEN EAST AND WEST CAMEROON! This is what brought us into this union in the first place! The TWO STATE FEDERATION is the ONE AND ONLY way in which we can preserve and protect our cultural identity within this union, in order to guarantee a free and prosperous nation for our unborn generations of children. It is the barest minimum we can take today for the sake of peace! IT IS WHAT BROUGHT US INTO THIS UNION, IT IS THE ONLY THING THAT CAN KEEP US IN THIS UNION… NO MORE, NO LESS! It is our basic birth right as a people and a nation.

If what brought us here in 1961, THE TWO STATE FEDERATION BETWEEN EAST AND WEST CAMEROON, has now become such a dark taboo subject to our partners in the union, where the mere mention of which now drags us West Cameroonians to the Yaounde Military Tribunals as terrorists; then it is clear to us and the world at large, that what we all took for a union between TWO EQUAL PARTNERS, was, and still is, to our partners, an annexation of a vulnerable state!

We are neither begging for it nor pleading for it… we are rightfully taking it back! It is ours. It naturally belongs to us. Without it there would never have been any union to begin with! Any discussion that that excludes the THE TWO STATE FEDERATION, excludes West Cameroon! That kind of discussion is one in which we must never take part! The annulatiion of the TWO STATE FEDERATION was a tragic and diabolic political maneuver conceived by sick minds and autocratically imposed on our people. We now have the historical opportunity and responsibility to correct this tragic fraud in our tortured history. Such opportunities are historically given to just one generation in a hundred, so we must rise to the occasion and make the best of it. It’s open to us, it’s here for the taking and it’s ours to lose, if we lack the stamina to endure a few more hardships for a little longer.

My people, taking back the confiscated basic rights of any people has never been easy anywhere in the world. You have all seen the panic and violent reaction of the colonial masters from Yaounde! West Cameroon cannot and should not expect to pick up her freedom from a shallow gutter on ESAY STREET! THE HARD WAY IS THE ONLY WAY! PEACEFUL RESISTANCE IS OUR CHOSEN HARD WAY! Resistance is the only way left for people like us who believe in peace and who cherish peace. We need to be united in purpose to do it. We need a collective ‘iron will’ to do it. We need a valiant determination and hard work to do it. We need to love one another to to it. We need to support one another to do it. We need to stand up for one another to do it. We need to be one another’s keeper to do it. And be sure… we will do it! And the time to do it is now!

You, the dignified people of West Cameroon, have made enormous personal and collective sacrifices for us to get here. Thanks for giving all you have to create a better and a free West Cameroon for our children. The biggest of the sacrifices you have made, is our children you have willingly kept out of school for months, as a show of your resistance to 56years of of neglect, mistreatment, humiliation and enslavement of our people. These are very huge sacrifices to make. You have chosen to make them for all of us. Thank you all for doing it for West Cameroon. We are very proud of you!

Why are such huge sacrifices of great importance at this time? Their importance lie in the fact that it is the only way open to us, the peace loving people of West Cameroon, to peacefully seize back our basic rights and freedoms without resorting to bloody conflicts with a colonial blood thirsty regime! That is why sacrificing our children’s education for a while, as opposed to our blood and theirs in a war with our oppressors, is the most civilized way of fighting and defeating our colonial oppressors without spilling blood! Now that we are this close to the final victory, let’s finish the job in peace, and let the world learn from us that there’s a new way of defeating brutal government oppression with PEACEFUL RESISTANCE!

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