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Governing Council Warns: Yaoundé Accelerates Genocide Plans







The Southern Cameroons Governing Council has issued a red alert that Yaoundé is planning a genocide in Southern Cameroons. In a communique released earlier yesterday, the Vice Chair of the Council, Mr. Tassang Wilfred wrote:

Yaounde Actively Prepares Genocide, Takes Measures to Preempt Backlash

The Southern Cameroons Governing Council has just received intelligence from trusted sources in Yaounde that an order has been dished out to soldiers, gendarmes and police staff of La République du Cameroun origin, living and working in the Southern Cameroons territory to send their families back home. This information that came in on the 5th of September 2017 indicates plainly that the Yaoundé regime is about to accelerate the genocide presently going on in the Southern Cameroons to frightening proportions. The information corroborates myriad messages sent out by the Governing Council averring that President Biya has no intention to engage in meaningful dialogue, rather the government is determined to spill blood as much as possible.

More specific information that reached us on Friday the 8th of September 2017 revealed that the decision is in preparation of a very serious crackdown in the Southern Cameroons territory as the population is becoming more and more restive. This interpretation is given credence by the heavy deployment of troops and a huge reinforcement of Yaoundé’s intelligence network in the Southern Cameroons.

Communique from Governing Council

Also, very indicative of Mr. Biya’s resolve never to pursue the path of dialogue, is the decision by Yaounde to mobilize “les Camerounais” in the diaspora to organize counter protests in the US as Southern Cameroonians are preparing to camp at the UN Headquarters to carry out an unprecedented advocacy for the restoration of our independence. It should be recalled that since the resistance started, not a single Francophone Community has come out in sympathy, not even when we still were talking of federalism. At their first attempt, it is to deny that there are problems whatsoever.

While we do not expect those, who benefit and have benefitted from our marginalization to organize meetings to accept their guilt, we find that it is evil of Yaounde to try to pit the two communities against each other, in a bid to maintain her grip over our territory.

The international community is by this press release given heightened warning on the ongoing genocide about to attain unprecedented levels in the Southern Cameroons. The United Nations, the African Union, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (that created this problem by not finishing its job), the United States of America and others will have no excuse to present to anybody in the future because they all have been sufficiently informed on this eventuality for over fifty years and during the present crisis that started in October 2016.
This might be the last red flag raised before mass genocide happens.

God is with us.
For the Chairman,

Deacon Tassang Wilfred

Vice Chair

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