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University of Antwerp Recognizes ‘English Cameroon’




Universities abroad begin recognising English Cameroon. Our push to show the world that Cameroon is two has begun bearing fruits. Previously most universities in the world consider Cameroon as a French country and do not officially exempt the English part of Cameroon as countries in the world to be exempted. This is changing.


The University of Antwerp Belgium in their new policy has exempted all Southern Cameroonians from providing English certificates as a condition to enrol unto their university. More importantly they say Camerounese from La Republique must provide English certificates or take English intensive course even if they study in English at University level. This means that all francophones no matter if they study in English in Cameroon must provide English certificate because they originate from the french part of the Cameroons.

This is a big fat win as Universities abroad are now differentiating us. Let’s keep pushing. When we say we begin restoring components of our statehood we mean business. We must continue until restoration is final.

Mark Bareta

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