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Germany May Push Through Referendum If Southern Cameroons Struggle Persist








Glaring Signs of Victory and a Tough Last Fight: How Ready are Ambazonians?

At the wake of the Southern Cameroons crisis is October, 2016 when the defiant Hon. Joseph Wirba, MP representing Jakiri Special Constituency of Bui in LA Republique’s Parliament stood on the rostrum and declared that the crisis in West Cameroon is what will bring down Cameroun, many were those La Republique Du Cameroun (LRC) boastful slave masters who certainly took it to be just one of those his normal “rantings” when he always complained about the oppressive treatments given to Southern Cameroonians in this 56 year old FAKE union with them. In their shortsightedness, they said Southern Cameroonians would soon get hungry and return back to their normal activities.

It is almost a year and the DUTIFUL RESISTANCE has now metamorphosed into an INDEPENDENCE RESTORATION MOVEMENT in which Southern Cameroonians are more than ever, determine to free themselves from the shackles of LRC’s colonial subjugation and repression. All attempts and calls by civil society, local and international organizations and diplomatic communities on the need for Paul Biya and LRC to address the underlying causes of the crisis through a genuine and inclusive dialogue have fallen on deaf ears, spiced with increasing repression of the peaceful dissent by Southern Cameroonians through Ghost Towns, Schools and Courts boycotts.

Just one week to the start of another academic year under LRC’s control, Ambazonians are inching on victory and LRC is bent on using all military might at her disposal to truncate this victory by forcing schools to resume in Southern Cameroons.

Information from reliable sources within the Southern Cameroons Governing Council reveal that the international community is now in high effervescence on the so called anglophone crises.

Germany for instance had taken keen interest and has repeatedly advised Yaounde to open dialogue on federalism. But Yaounde in her pride, repressive and slave master mentality has responded that the crises is over and schools will resume come September 2017 and normalcy will return. According to reports, the German government has repeatedly sent some German media organs to verify these claims.

Classified information reveals now that the position of the German government is that if schools fail to resume come September 2017 and if ghost towns persist, then she will cause all her allies to push for a referendum for the people of the former British Southern Cameroons to determine the direction of their future. Consequently, the LRC is doing all for schools to resume and for ghost towns to end. This must be achieved at all cost less they loose everything. We can now understand how desperate they are. It’s now a do or die affair. Southern Cameroons have consequently been militarised

It is now left for the resistant people of Ambazonia to give-up, resume schools and avoid international intervention or boycott schools in September and get their New Nation once and for all.

Worthy to also note that four items on the agenda of the September sessions at the United Nations concern Southern Cameroonians directly if aptly exploit :
-Agenda 60 and 62 deals with the implementation of granting of independence to trust territories. This can be followed through by the Southern Cameroons Leadership as information suggest it can be pushed through by friendly countries and bodies targeting a solution through the UK.
-Agenda 61 targets the manipulation of our educational system by LRC. As a non self governing state, we have the right to keep our educational heritage. Therefore, a resolution could be passed asking LRC to hands off Southern Cameroons Educational heritage
-Agenda 72 debates on peoples right to self determination is non negotiable. This can be pushed through by Southern Cameroons Leadership through friendly Nations as by international law Southern Cameroons is described as a people.

However, an intensification of ghost towns and school boycott will play the magic. But how prepare are Southern Cameroonians for this last fight? If the outcome of the meeting between traders and the colonial government delegate of Bamenda; and the three days effective ghost towns last week are anything to go by, then, there is every reason to believe that our people are hungry for freedom and are resolute in their determination to fight to the finish. In an attempt to convince traders and parents of Bamenda to end ghost towns and sent their children to school, the government delegate met a brick wall as the traders and parents maintained their grounds on the need for a demilitarized environment and the release of all arrested before normalcy can return to town. The weeks ahead are therefore pregnant and promise to be full with a lot of fireworks.

While we await a possible referendum in Ambaland in the months ahead or as GOD wills in HIS decision to free us, BaretaNews can only advise our people to stock their homes and remain peaceful in their resistance to avoid genocidal actions from the brutal forces of LRC. We shall however not hesitate to defend ourselves if our people are attacked without provocations.

By James Agbor

Buea Correspondent, BaretaNews

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