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Full Scale Genocide Plans Revealed



Interim Government of Buea




Plans to implement full scale State sponsored genocide on the people of he Southern Cameroons Territory to take effect in the days ahead:

Our Dear Southern Cameroons compatriots, members of the international community, global activists and leaders,

There are few moments of truth and reckoning in our lifetime when we as a collective entity can no longer afford to downplay the seriousness of the URGENCY OF NOW in supporting self defense efforts in groung zero. That urgent call for action cannot be over emphasized giving the prevailing challenging circumstances that we face.

While it was our hope that our people may have experienced some of their darkest days already in connection with the nature of attrocities and human rights violations that have been committed against them by soldiers who are loyal to the Paul Biya regime, this message is to inform and warn all of us of the impeding full scale war and genocide that the Yaoundé regime intends to implement in the days ahead.

The strategic and systematic plan to organize a full scale genocide on the people of the Southern Cameroons Territory has been finalized. Our sources who work within the operational divisions of the Ministry of Defense in Yaoundé and have requested protection of their Identities have urged us to warn our people that the Biya regime and their backers have finalized plans to target and eliminate virtually all Southern Cameroons citizens without reservations.

The plan has started with the reassignment and transfer of all Soldiers, policemen, Gendarmes, Forest Guards, Customs Officers and members of any other uniformed services corps whose family heritage is from the Southern Cameroons Territory out of the area to far away regions in the East, Far North, North and Adamaua regions of la République du cameroun Territory.

The main motivation behind such reasoning is that the Yaoundé regime bosses and their supporters have concluded that uniformed Officers from the Southern Cameroons Territory cannot be trusted in actively defending the CPDM affiliated actrocities while maiming, killing and participating in outright genocide against their own people.

In addition, members of the Yaoundé regime’s high command have emphasized that there is the absolute need to conceal the locations of all mass graves, places of mass torture, murder and other venues where unimaginable ignominious acts of torture and gross human rights violations have been committed against the people of the Southern Cameroons Territory.

It is no longer a rumor that the Yaoundé bosses fear that our fellow Southern Cameroons brethren who ate a part of their force strength will not be able to sit silent for ever without revealing those venues to international observers or investigators at the appropriate time.

Next, out of an extreme abundance of caution and the need to forestall any surprise attacks on their own defense lines by insiders, ( with examples such as the case of Sergent Tabe who opened fire on his peers in Agborkem Village after they shot an innocent and armless civilian) military and civilian bosses within the Yaoundé regime’s apparatchik and bureaucrats have taken the advise of ” … advisers from France… ” …. to exclude or delay by all means possible the deployment of combat regiments of combat companies that have any ” undesired and potential witnesses” at a later date.

Please be informed that although the transfer of mostly la République du cameroun law enforcement and other related services personnel appears to be part of routine forces reassignment and redeployment to meet service needs, this time around, the decisions are predicated on the premise of cleaning up ” undesired Anglophone elements” from any active duty command posts within the Southern Cameroons Territory.

All those transferred are being replaced by Francophone soldiers whose single agenda is to move forward with the genocide plans that have been refined with the help of ” … collaborators and advisers from France…”

We urge each and everyone of you to help give this message the widest possible readership so that our people on ground zero and beyond will be able to take proper action(s) in a timely manner towards defending themselves.

Please feel free to share this message on your social media platforms including your Twitter feeds.

It is our collective duty and responsibility to notified the international media and officials in foreign countries about the planned targeting and assassination of Southern Cameroons citizens on a scale that is intended to dwarf by far the combined casualties of the massacres of the Rwanda genocide ( 1994- 1994) and those of Srebrenica, Bosnia ( July 11to July 22, 1995) and
Bania Luka (1992) during the civil war of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our goal and mission at this time must be to reduce or eliminate this unnecessary risk to regional security and stability while preventing the loss of lives of unarmed civilians, civil rights activists and agents of political change. Only naysayers, CPDM regime supporters and their enablers with some hidden agenda with no material moral or physical evidence to present to the contrary will attempt to discredit the validity and authenticity of the fact finding report.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

I am Kelvin Berinyuh Fai,
A Southern Cameroons Activist and I approve this message.

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