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After French Diplomat, US Ambassador Holds In-Camera Meeting In Ambazonia; What’s Cooking?








United States (US) Ambassador to CameroUn, Peter Henry Barlerin, has been holding in-camera meeting with some civil society stakeholders in the Northern Zone of Southern Cameroons.According exclusive information sent to BaretaNews, Ambassador Peter Henry Barlerin, has been talking to religious, and traditional rulers, and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).

Holding a tight security meeting with the Fon of Mankon, HRM Angwafor III, Ambassador Peter Henry, sort to find out the best possible mechanisms that could be implored to end the crisis rocking Southern Cameroons. Reports say being true to type, Fon Angwafor III, blamed the government for using excessive force to quell down an angry people. He went ahead to say that only n inclusive and pacific dialogue void of any taboo topic, can calm down the tension hitting Southern Cameroons.The stance was held by the Arch bishop of the Bamenda Ecclesiastic Province, Mgr. Conelius Esua, as well as some CSOs contacted.

For his part, the US Diplomat sued for peace to reign in Ambaland. He told the stakeholders that the US is on the side of peace, justice, equity and the rule of law. Though he uttered that one and indivisible Cameroun rhetoric, he however said the right to self-defence is universal.

It should be noted that Ambassador Peter Henry Barlerin, vist to the Northern Zone, comes barely months after the French Ambassador, Gilles Thibault, paid a similar visit to the land. Their visit is very similar with same coded message. The US Ambassador had also granted audience to different stakeholders on the Anglophone crisis. The meeting took place in Yaounde.


These consultative meetings are monotonous. It’s a waste of resources.
Colonial government knows what to do. Acknowledgement of the root cause, free all arrested/abducted and jailed, demilitarised Ambazonia then sit on the negotiations table for talks to begin.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor-BaretaNews

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