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Aljazeera Says Violence in Anglophone Cameroon Has Seen An Uptick



Aljazeera says experts warn that Cameroon is on the verge of backsliding to ‘fragile state’ status, as conflict between Anglophone separatists and government forces increasingly affecting civilians. In part of their report, Aljazeera said in response to Cameroun brutality in 2016 killing of civilians, more than 30 armed separatist groups were formed to fight for an independent nation they called Ambazonia.

A self-declared Interim Government of Ambazonia also emerged and is run largely by Anglophone Cameroonians living in Europe and the United States. Separatists are known locally as “the boys” and consider themselves “restorationists” or “freedom fighters”. Representatives from the Cameroonian government refer to them as “terrorists” in public statements. At least 4,000 civilians have so far been killed in the Anglophone regions, a toll that surpasses that of the country’s Far North region where Boko Haram has been waging an armed campaign since 2014.

Mark Bareta, Ambazonia Activist in a tweet this morning, reacts to Aljazeera reports stating that 4000 civilians have been killed so far is under reporting. Bareta said at least 35.000 civilians have been murdered by Cameroun Paul Biya Forces.

More details on Aljazeera report here



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