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French Cameroun’s Killing Of PPC Ntoanfang Christian Spurs Outcry



French Cameroun’s Killing Of PPC Ntoanfang Christian Spurs Outcry

By Mbah Godlove

There has been an outcry in Bali County and beyond, following a deadly attack on PPC Ntoanfang that killed at least one person.

Sources in Bali County say, La Republique du Cameroun’s forces burst into the church premises and began shooting indiscriminately.

A woman was shot dead on the spot, and the Pastor of the said church smelled death as he was rushed to hospital after sustaining severe injuries on the hand.

“Colonial forces have been carrying out unannounced checks, firing indiscriminately in the air for long now in Bali and beyond,” a source intimated.

It is revealed that Sunday’s operation which has received wide condemnation was authorized by the governor of the Northern Zone, Adolf Lélé Lafrique.

Before the PPC Ntoanfang attack, there have been several related deaths recorded in Lélé’s operation; which is aimed at stopping a “no vehicle ban” by Ambazonia forces.

Days back, when the operation was just launched by the colonial agent, three innocent civilians were killed.

This happened as Restoration Fighters blocked some roads weeks ago; to prevent the penetration of the forces of occupation into major towns such as Bali County.

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