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Francophones Attack Ayah Foundation, Medical Officers Threaten To Murder Anglophones In Hospitals






Francophones Attack Ayah Foundation, Medical Officers Threaten To Murder Anglophones In Hospitals

Ayah Ayah Abine, the son of Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine, Chairman of the Ayah Foundation has narrated how his Foundation was attacked by Francophones today in Yaounde using all types of hate speech and derogatory words. Nurses and Doctors who took over equally threatened to begin killing Anglophones in Hospitals. BaretaNews as the people’s platform is archiving this narrative because it will be useful in some few weeks. Continuous living with these people one could just go mad. The narrative is not only vexing, it could make one to pick an AK47, well we will have the last laughs.



“Francophones” violently attack the Ayah Foundation!

In very violent lenguage amongst others, addressed us as a terrorist organization​, sessesionists, killers, ambazonians, etc

On Tuesday May 15, 2018, some members of the Foundation went to the kondengui prison to bring out one of the detainees requiring urgent surgery (who has since been denied treatment) for such to be carried out at the Yaounde central hospital. As the SG of the foundation, Mr Fabrice Lena and myself got to hospital, dressed in normal attire, we were immediately joined by one of the most resourceful of our members in Mr Mbaku Gilbert, who was in our official wear. As soon as he was spotted by some ‘francophones’ the commotion started.

First up was a prison​ guard who accompanied the detainees from prison. He moved towards us and in a very aggressive, loud and violent voice, he rained all manner of hate speech on the foundation, to the pleasure of several ‘francophone’ onlookers who were in support including some medical staff. He, among others, called us a terrorist organization funding and encouraging terrorists like the detainees and sponsoring the killing of ‘their troops’ (in his own words) in both anglophone regions. He added that if he was in government, he would have sent down to the said regions all the military arsenal of the state to wipe us all out of the surface of the earth and that people like us ought not to exist. Then the nurses and some possible doctors took over.

They added that it could come to a point that they too could start killing anglophones in hospital starting with persons like the detainee in question who was/is awaiting surgery. ( I didn’t believe what I heart from medical personnel). The atmosphere became hotter and hotter as we were prepared for any eventuality when suddenly another warder called for calm while defending the foundation. But like spittle when spat, the damage had already been done. Several anglophones living in the French speaking part of the country recount similar experiences like these.

To these persons and several others who think the same, victims of the current crisis need not be assisted. They ought to be left to die. Yet, we claim they’re our brothers and we want to put an end to the crisis.


– Ayah Ayah
President, Ayah Foundation

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