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Meme Restoration Forces Suspend Ban On Bike Riders Circulation Saturday, 27th July 2019




Meme Restoration Forces Suspend Ban On Bike Riders Circulation Saturday, 27th July 2019.

Information filtering unto BaretaNews desk says Kumba Restoration Forces have suspended the 10 days ban on bike riders as from today Saturday 27th July, 2019. Speaking by phone to some fighters, they confirmed to BaretaNews that they have received the Mea Culpa from the bike riders as well as citizens who have been hugely affected have kept their secured lines running. As a result, Bike riders have been allowed to resume work 5 days before the ban was to end.

Ambazonia Fighters speaking to Mark Bareta on the phone from Kumba said “Comrade, at the end of the day we are all brothers and sisters. We were forced to pass this order to pass a message, we hope they can now continue serving our people in peace while doing their own for our revolution which involves ghosting Mondays”

The fighters on the phone said most of the Bike ring leaders who tried to defy revolutionary orders have been apprehended especially those who appeared on video and many have run away from the city especially foreigners who invaded the ranks of our peaceful Okada people. They have now assured the rest to continue their work as the bad elements have been identified

One of the fighters on the phone asked BaretaNews to express their sincere sorry to Kumba Denizens, their parents for taking the bike riders off the roads, a situation which led to some untold hardship in town. While doing so, they do not, however regret their actions because a message was supposed to be sent- they screamed on the phone shouting wata na wata.

The Ambazonia Forces ended this brief conversation with BaretaNews by calling on all and sundry to collaborate with them in the spirit of the Ambazonia flag and respect the laws of the land as prescribed by the Self Defense Forces.

Mark Bareta

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