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To the Church of Ambazonia, the former British Southern Cameroon, West Cameroon or Anglophone Cameroon ( whichever name you deem appropriate) I write;

“Are you a slave? Don’t Let that worry you- but if you get a chance to be free take it” (1 Cor 7:21, NLT)

These were the words of Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians, asking them to take every chance at being free. This is the same Paul who admonishes us to be submissive to governments and Authorities for they are placed there by God (Romans 13) He makes this admonishment with an assumed alternative rule. That is, the government is standing for Justice and protecting and providing for her people in earnest. That’s why he says in verse 3 that authorities do not strike fear for those who are doing right. And in verse 4 He says authorities are Gods servants sent for the very purpose of punishing those who do wrong.

So what happens when authority switches sides, punishes those who do right and glorify those who do wrong? What happens when authorities lose sight of their purpose and become a danger to those they are meant to protect and provide for? Who do you run to when the police are the ones who torture, molest, rape and murder the people in cold blood? As the conscience of the state, shall we fold our arms and watch our people go down like sub-humans in a country which is supposed to be ours? God forbid!

Remember William Wilberforce (or “WirbaForce” following the exemplary action of a true son of the soil) a devoted Christian who came from an unrecognized religious background at his time ( He was a Pentecostal as opposed to the more powerful Roman Catholic, Anglican and other Orthodox churches) On 25 march 1807 his humble nonviolent fight to end slavery resulted in the royal assent to ‘An Act for the Abolition of Slave Trade’ which abolished the buying and selling of humans throughout the British Empire

This was after 20 years of struggle and repeated previous defeats of his anti-slavery bills in parliament. 2 great lessons we can learn from his Christian activist.
* First he took advantage of the recent freedom of expression granted by the parliament to air his Christian-based views of justice, equity and equality of man. Where in our case, every man can dream of being president, or minister of finance/defense/etc, be you francophone or Anglophone. Where every student stands an equal chance of making a good career through our national institutions (E NAM, CUSS, IRIC, ENS, CENAJES, EMIA, you name it). Where an accused doesn’t have to fear facing the court because he may get a French judge who gets irritated by English language in his court room.
*Second, He took action. He as a Christian and even an evangelist ran for parliament and won. Where are you who keep saying politics is a dirty game, who keep shying away from civic responsibility, and let unbelievers occupy this offices and positions yet expect the best from them? Who is the light of the world? Wise up! Politics touches all and all touch politics.

Thank God for the Roman Catholic Church and The Presbyterian Church who have shown a clear example of devotion to justice and accountability which are core values of Christianity. It is now left for us the masses to take this opportunity to be free, to support our leaders and to stand up for the oppressed just as Jesus did for the church. No matter your perception of freedom, be it federalism or otherwise. Take action towards that. A ghost town has been announced to pressure government to look into our plights. So regrettably there shall be no schools open. But the course is worth the sacrifice, for those who sow in pain shall reap in joy. Let the wise be wise in their actions.

Fight Marginalisation
Support our Leaders
Support the Consortium
Ghost town means STAY AT HOME

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