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“Anglophone” MPs and Senators: Resign or No Elections in West Cameroon



The journey for the total independence of Southern Cameroons is a huge sacrifice of will and test of character for all of us Ambazonians.

We didn’t wake up one day and started screaming for independence.It comes from the accumulation of several years of grievances in a state of pressure until it can no longer be contained and the grievances find an escape route.If not, expect one big explosion which can be difficult to contain.
Our fight is a smart and good one because we didn’t wait for the latter.We went for the former through resistance by saying enough is enough.

The coffin revolution epitomises the resistance but the first uprising happened eight months earlier.February 2016,in the NW regional town of Wum,angry youths took to the streets and burnt down the military barracks in protest of an armed officer shooting death one of their friends.We know what followed.18 youths and a pregnant girl ended up at the colonial bastion in Kondengui Yaoundé where we continue to campaign for their release-Bring back our Wum boys.
More like a cluster bomb Hon Wirba exploded in the colonial parliament and the signals of the coffin revolution quickly turned into hotspots.

The strategy was and still simple, no violence with rallies against the illegal annexation of Southern Cameroon by La Republique du Cameroun in October 1961.World’s major cities and relevant embassies are all aware of our loud cries for freedom.

There was this foray of world media on our territory and cyber activism went into overdrive.
That’s how to create awareness and the president of neighbouring La Republique has put himself under house arrest.Things he never believed in we are converting him to have a dialogue with people he considers slaves and calls them names such as Biafran ,enemies in the house, extremist etc.

We all know what that means- ‘give a dog a bad name and hang it ‘. Negotiations and ghost towns and villages is working. We strongly suggest that the next stage in this fight requires a statement of intent from our parliamentarians and senators to resign and join the liberation movement.

Biya’s illegitimate slogan of one and indivisible country will be very exposed once the UN comes facts hunting.
If these MPs and senators refuse to resign we as Southern Cameroonians must make all elections days organised by la Republique null and void in our territory by staging ghost town and villages

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