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Fako Land Grabbing Spurs Uproar



Fako Land Grabbing Spurs Uproar

By Mbah Godlove

Fighting over land has become the new normal in Fako county as locals accuse chiefs and colonial administrators of misappropriation.

An indigene of Fako name withheld for professional reasons, told BN that, the colonial governor is culpable for the persistent land grabbing.

He said that Okalia Bilai and his allies are collaborating with traditional rulers to seize lands from the natives.

“Some times the governor, SDO and DO could facilitate the selling of a piece of land to more than 4 different buyers .They feed fat on the land thereby disuniting the people and their chiefs” he intimated.

The correct situation has made many people to fear that a conflict may ensue over the land saga in Fako.

It is on this basis that, course are multiplying for the international community to serve justice to Ambazonians by sending away the colonial administration from their territory.

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