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Fru Ndi on Prof Asonganyi: I failed to Visit Him Because I was Busy




Professor Tazoacha Asonganyi, Cameroon’s natural scientist, politician and prolific political died in Yaounde on July 3rd, 2016 after battling cancer for a while. Asonganyi, the father of 4 taught in the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of the University of Yaoundé 1 since 1985, training medical students for over 30 years. He became the Secretary General of the SDF, 1994-2005. He parted ways with the SDF in 2006 after the SDF meted article 8.2 on him by means of constructive dismissal from the party on six different counts. Since then till his death, he has had a cat and mouse relationship with Ni John Fru Ndi.


He went on to be a fierce critic of the regime of Paul Biya and the SDF leadership until his death. His last book was titled ” Difficult Choices in a Failed Democracy”. He wrote on series of memoirs lambasting the SDF. Amongst others, he wrote ” SDF, a party that has never ceased preaching national unity even as it continued to practice the politics of tribe and kinship. A party that talks reconciliation but wants to be selective on who should be welcomed back into the fold. A party that preaches “equal opportunity for all” yet plays favorites when it comes to distribution of the spoils ”

Since his demise politicians across the board has been sending condolences messages to his family. Mbella Mboki wrote ” A great mind is gone.”

Deputy SDF Mayor from Ndu constituency, Martin Fon Yembe wrote ” This is so touching and sad for me, especially as I shared a lot in common with this political icon!!! I have a lot to share with him…later….I received the news right on the field in Mbanga and…. so sad!!!”

Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, Political Scientist and Director of the CPDM Academy wrote: “Asonganyi was a man of great convictions and an accomplished intellectual. He was a politician who cut across partisan lines when it came to political issues and stood out as someone who did not want to sell his conscience. Asongangyi was objective.”


However what caught the attention of BaretaNews is the initial reaction of the SDF Chieftain Ni John Fru Ndi. Yes Asonganyi fell out with the party, yes they had their differences, yes the man is dead and gone. BaretaNews finds Ndi’s initial response bizarre and very funny. We expected a somewhat more emotional initial response for a man who was your SG from 1994-2005 even if a communique from the SDF could come later which is NOT expected. The initial response means a lot.


The Guardian Post Newspaper of Tuesday 5th July 2016 reports that Fru Ndi didn’t hesitate to pay gratitude to the late professor for all his service to the SDF while he was Secretary General. And then he added most especially.

“I was in Yaounde about two weeks ago and they told me that he was not feeling fine, but I could not go to visit him because I was very busy.” Fru Ndi regretted, adding that it is unfortunate Asonganyi died the way he did. Really Ni John Fru Ndi? We think Fru Ndi could not have even made such a visit even if he had all the time. They were so politically separated from left to right. The old fox should have better stayed quiet.


May the Prof Rest In Peace.


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