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EXCLUSIVE!!! How Ekema Patrick Paid Millions To Shield Prosecution Over Certificate Scam








Ekema Patrick Esunge, intellectually thieving Mayor of Buea, has succeeded to obstruct justice over his fake certificate saga. BaretaNews has it on good authority that the larcenous fellow, whose highbrow thieving mechanism was unmasked recently, has now succeeded to bribe his way out of judicial punishment.

According to an authoritative source at the Buea Council, Ekema Patrick Esunge, has paid millions to corrupt judicial authorities in buea, to prevent any legal battle against his thin skin. The source indicated that even after the University of Buea revoked Ekema’s degrees, leaving him vulnerable to judicial proceedings, the highflyer scammer, would not be sanctioned by the law.

“I wanted to inform you that Ekema (Patrick) has given the judiciary a lot of money. The investigator CPP Noundou finished investigation a month ago. Till date no charge has been proffered against him. The relationship Ekema had with the former Procureur General has worsened matter. Maureen Chibili, who served as the Acting Procureur General for some time before the appointment of the new one last week, received huge pay from Ekema. She’s the one working hard to prevent Ekema from being prosecuted,” our source said.

Corroborating this claim, another source in Buea told BaretaNews that the judiciary in Buea is playing the scheming-game so they would not prosecute Ekema.

“l fail to understand why Ekema cannot be prosecuted under the pretext that the hard copy of the fake Advanced level cannot be found.

CPP Noundou already submitted the file at the legal department. Maureen Chibili said they cannot draft any charge because there is no incriminating evidence to use. How did the university arrive at their own conclusion? lt was based on information on their software showing that he had a C grade in French. The hard copy is the one he (Ekema) pulled out once he sensed danger. The university can be subpoenaed to appear in court and tender their own evidence. In that case the university will be forced to print the softcopy and tender to show that he made use of a false document,” our source said.

Section 163 of the Common Law Code says whoever commits any fraud, or any other degree, or qualification issued by the State or by a public service, whether national or foreign shall be punished with imprisonment for (one) month to 3 (three) years or fine from CFAF 25,000 (twenty-five thousand) to CFAF 2,000,000 (two million), or with both such imprisonment and fine.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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