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Interim Government Undergoes Internal Rearrangement










Breaking News: Interim Government Undergoes Internal Rearrangement

The Interim Government of the Federal Republic Of Ambazonia which came into force after the 1st October, 2017 proclamation of Independence restoration has undergone some internal major shake up within the structure. This is coming after the maiden address of the Acting President, Dr Sako Samuel.

This internal changes will be affecting the Defense Department and the Communications/IT Department. In a confidential internal memo sent to all major departments, a copy in which BaretaNews procure, some major changes were made that will go a long way to make the IG more effective and people oriented.

The following changes were made without necessary going into details

1. The Defense Department effectively has been renamed as the the Department of Homeland Security.

2. A National Security Advisory Council (NSAC)has been created. This Council we are told will comprised of all accredited community self defense groups. It shall be headed by a spokesman

3. The Office Of State House Press Secretary has been created to conduct and organise regular press briefings with accredited Press Club at least twice a week.

It should be recalled that these changes are coming after the Acting President made it clear that now is the time for legitimate self defense.

BaretaNews is of the opinion that, these internal moves are good for the revolution. It will keep the discuss going and maybe ensure that community self defense groups who ascribed to the ideas of the IG are well funded and taken care off. We at BaretaNews hopes the recently formed new group called the Ambazonia Recognition Collaboration Council-ARCC would make genuine moves towards the IG for some dialogue and level of collaboration.

Mark Bareta
CEO, BaretaNews.

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