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Ekona Population Swing To Action Over Colonial Military Excesses



Ekona Population Swing To Action Over Colonial Military Excesses

By Mbah Godlove

The population of Ekona, a locality in Fako county say they can no longer withstand excesses from French Cameroun soldiers who continue to chase ordinary citizens.

Following recent wave of attacks on youth and elderly persons in Ekona, the locals are now bent on rising against activities of the colonial military.

They could no longer hold their anger when a contingent of colonial forces raided the locality on Sunday February 12 and rounded up group of boys who were playing football at the community field.

An old woman was equally taken during the invasion, BN has learned.

On Tuesday, the colonial soldiers returned to Ekona where more youth were reportedly arrested and whisked away, tagging them to be Ambazonia fighters.

The atrocities have left the population hurt and poised to protest against such barbarism which led to the ongoing war of freedom in Ambazonia.

Some news organs have reported of an impending protest march to be spearheaded by women in Ekona who are tired of losing their children to colonial military bullets and arbitrary arrest and detention.

It is not clear when the said anti colonial protest but sources say it could be anytime soon

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