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Dr. Tumasang Argues For SCEXIT, Makes Legal Case For Southern Cameroons




Since citizens from the UK voted to leave the EU, indigenous peoples from different parts of the world have been excited for their own referendum vote for self-determination. One of those is the former colony of Britain called Southern Cameroons. Within the years, groups have however been advocating for an independent Southern Cameroons. Others have called for SCEXIT-Southern Cameroons exiting La Republique Du Cameroun. Dr Tumasang in a clear six points made the case for Southern Cameroons Independence in what he termed ” THE TUMASANG LEGAL MODEL FOR THE LIBERATION OF SOUTHERN CAMEROONS.

  1. There is no legal union between La Republique du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons because the is no union treaty, and the intentions of the parties were clearly stated in the pre-plebiscite agreement, such intentions were never achieved, and even if achieved (which is strenuously denied), such achievements were mere pretensions which were completely dismantled by 1972 (very short time in international law), Southern Cameroons did not accept the outcome, protested immediately after the purported union and has protested ever since.
  2. Alternatively, La Republique du Cameroun after failing to stop the independence of Southern Cameroons by voting against such independence at the UN, failed to negotiate and/or negotiate in good faith concerning such independence as mandated by the UN in order to actualize such independence, and later tried every attempt to extinguish both the UN granted independence and any residual international personality of Southern Cameroons.
  3. Further Alternative, if there was a legal union between Southern Cameroons and La Republique du Cameroons (which is strenuously denied), La Republique du Cameroon seceded from the union in 1972 and finally consummated the secession in 1984.
  4. Further, further, alternative, any union will have been a synallagmatic agreement and failure by one party using restoration law 84/1 to deliver the union, by the principle of Exceptio In Adimpleti Contratus, the other party is entitled to stop delivering the union also and declare its independence as was done by Southern Cameroons over radio Buea.
  5. Further , further, further alternative, La Republic du Cameroun gave a unilateral binding international declaration by Ahidjo in the General Assembly of the UN not to annex Southern Cameroons, and such unilaterally stated obligation at the UN is binding, it is an obligation by result, and the result shows that the obligation has been breached, considering the position of Southern Cameroons today without even a modicum of self-government.
  6. Further, further, further, further alternative, the people of Southern Cameroons are a people like the people of Quebec and Scotland, who have an inalienable right to self-determination, and can exercise that right repeatedly, including the right not to associate in any form with La Republique du Cameroon.
  7. Further, further, further, further, further alternative, La Republique du Cameroun has breached, in relation to the people of Southern Cameroons, various international treaties that it is a signatory to.

BaretaNews Statement:

Dr. Tumasang is spot on. The arguments are historically and legally founded. BaretaNews agrees with him. Our only problem is the next phase of the struggle. Information sharing and education have been exhausted. The next phase needs to be triggered. How they are going about is left to be seen. BaretaNews have always opined that, join forces and force La Republique to go back to Federalism. From Federalism, and with the modern age of information, it could be easier to move to the restoration of independence unless something drastic is done to presently break the illegal union with La Republique.

God is still saying something.

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