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Colonial Forces Machine Guns Rain Bullets on Homes Targeting Civilians



Colonial Forces with Machine Guns Rain Bullets on Homes/Streets, Destroying Properties & Killing Civilians Across Ambazonia.

In continuation of the genocide and scotch earth policy in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, the terrorist soldiers of the bloody colonial Yaoundé regime, have in the past five days caused heavy destruction on private infrastructures, and killed at least 5 civilians across the sovereign State of South Cameroons/ Ambazonia.

In two distinct footages of their street atrocities in Muea, Ekona, Muyuka and Bombey along the Buea-Kumba road, the trigger happy colonial forces, are seen intensely spraying bullets from machine guns and Amoured Personnel Carriers (APC) into private homes and business premises in urban settlements.


The trigger happy colonial terrorists, fighting to secure an 89-year-old bloody dictator and colonial president, Paul Biya, had set out to confront Ambazonian Restoration Forces, who had staged a one-week road-block campaign along that road in the Southern Zone of Ambazonia. But the restoration forces had retreated before the terrorists could arrive the scene.

The civilian population had also reportedly taken into the bushes after hearing of the arrival of the colonial-terrorist soldiers. Those who could not escaped were trapped in their homes and had only pray for their homes not to be set on fire as has been the usual operational style of infant trigger-happy soldiers.

Unable to find anyone along the road and in the towns, the Biya terrorists embarked on a two-day destructive shooting spree, firing with machine guns into private homes and in nearby bushes. BaretaNews received multiple reports of heavy property damage from bullets, as walls of buildings, window glasses, vehicles and other properties have been shattered.


At press time, BaretaNews had also received reports of four civilians reportedly caught by stray bullets, with two dead and the other two injured. The dead include an elderly woman in Bombey who was returning from her farm with a basket of food stuffs on her back, and a teenage girl, who was killed by a flying bullet within the town. The injured include an old man in Ekona known as Pa Maliva, shot on the leg and another lady whose arm was chopped off by a flying terrorist bullet.

In the Northern zone of Ambazonia, a group of terrorist BIR invaded a village of Alabukam along the Mbengwi Bamenda road, confiscating farming tools, kitchen utensils and old functionless dane guns from villagers and posing to take propaganda pictures as captured weapons of restoration forces. About 60 young men and women are also reported to have been arrested, with their whereabout not known at press time.

Three civilians were also killed, with a mechanical engineer burned to ashes in his vehicle along the road. The military terrorists also burned two bikes belonging to the two civilians also shot and killed while riding on their motor bikes.

In Fundong of Boyo County, another civilian was pulled out of his home and shot point blank by the terrorist forces, just because he is an Ambazonian youth.

In the city of Bamenda and precisely at Nkwen, a convoy of terrorist forces opened fire on a taxi, killing the driver and one passenger, while the other passengers were wounded and taken to hospital.


From these increasing targeted killings, it is evidently clear that the terrorist Yaoundé regime is becoming increasingly thirsty for the blood of Southern Cameroonians/ Ambazonians and has upped its killing strategies on the United Nations recognized sovereign people of Ambazonia.

From the war zone footages released on social media by the terrorist forces of the regime in the past two days, it is clear to the world that, truly the Yaoundé based terrorists and blood drinkers are determined to completely annihilate the entire people of Ambazonia. For how long shall the world continue to silently watched as the kleptocratic regime feed on the blood of the innocent?

However, one thing is clear. So long as the principle of karma and natural justice prevails over man-made egocentric laws, the people of Ambazonia can never be defeated in or deprived of the land of their ancestors. The colonizers will have to wipeout the entire people of Southern Cameroons before they can acquire the geographical estate call Ambazonia.

It is just a matter of time.


James Agbor

BaretaNews Analyst.

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