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Republic of Ambazonia- The New State in Creation



The current “Anglophone Problem” in Cameroon has necessitated a dilemma among Southern Cameroonians at home and in the Diaspora on making a big decision: to stay with La Republique under a two state Federation or become an independent sovereign entity/state from La Republique du Cameroon. The social media has been the best medium through which discourses on the issue are trending.

Based on online polls by BaretaNews and other sources, one thing is certain: a majority of the population of Southern Cameroons want complete sovereignty!!!”If”, say in January 2017, La Republique complies and a referendum is carried out, and the “for independence” vote wins, Southern Cameroons will emerge the newest sovereign state in the world. This will move South Sudan to the second position. It should be noted that South Sudan gained her independence from Sudan in July 2011. A glaring evidence that history reveals dynamics in state formation. In this regard, let’s go through five newest (and would be new) countries in the world;

1. Republic of Ambazonia (Southern Cameroon)- January 2017 (would be birthday)
2. South Sudan- July 2011
3. Kosovo- February 2008
4. Montenegro and Serbia- June 2006
5. East Timor- May 2002

However, this is a subjective positive thought which may transform to reality through continuous struggle by Southern Cameroonians. It is important to note that peaceful resistance has been the main driving force towards this course but the martyrs that occurred in Bamenda and Kumba on the 8th and 9th of December 2016 respectively, only reveals how cruel of a colonial master La Republic claims to be. Innocent citizens maimed, brutalized, some killed and others arrested for a course which is inalienably a right of every Southern Cameroonian. It is a duty to resist any counter force that threatens the desire for a sovereign state like in the voice of Hon Wirba “when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty”. This has been a common liberation slogan and a main source of inspiration among Southern Cameroonians lately. But how far can these words be transformed into action is a preoccupation that is worth taking into consideration?

As a means to keep the spirit of Wirba flowing, the Diaspora continue to make tremendous efforts to see that a strong resistance is maintained. From Brussels to Minnesota, to South Korea, Finland, the Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, Japan, China, Austria, Canada, various demonstrations have taken place to reveal to the world what exactly Southern Cameroonians have been going through in the hands of La Republique, as if she were her colonial master. This is evident in the recent disregard of the national flag of La Republic; an action which was denounced by many Francophones. Because it hurts seeing a national emblem treated like some trash, it has become a trending resistance approach by Southern Cameroonians. Several writers have questioned why some people equate a flag (mere piece of cloth) to the lives of innocent people buried in their numbers?

Based on La Republic’s unapologetic response to the cry of Southern Cameroonians, the resistance will persist till the dream of a sovereign Southern Cameroons comes to reality. Any contrary outcomes will only reveal that we fought for nothing and those who fought and died fighting, died for nothing. God forbid!!! In this regard, the struggle for liberation must persist while we look forward to celebrating the birth of the newest state sooner or later. Like Martin Luther King Jr. said “change does not roll on wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle”. In this regard, we must keep the pace, by speaking out, louder than before, so our voices can be heard and our desires will become reality. #StrengthenResistance4Change #Referendum4Sovereignty

Akame Gerald
For BaretaNews

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