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DISGRACE: I Was Only Called up to Defend It- Justice Minister



Cameroonians have been over their heads in regards to the government review of Cameroon’s penal code. But the most disgraceful thing to ever happened is that the Justice Minister who defended the bill in the National Assembly never knew what in essence he was defending. He declared that he was only called to defend it as such he had no choice than to put up a kangaroo defense.

The Justice Minister Laurent Esso, flanked by communication Minister, Issa Tchiroma Bakary and Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Justice was speaking at a press conference in Yaounde.

The Minister is said to spent time during the conference elaborating on the new penal code which he described as an important document for the country. He said the new penal code has innovations different from the old one adopted some 51 years ago.

He went on to shame those who tried to give a bad name to the code. Hear him: “I didn’t draft the code. The Head of State submitted the bill and I was only called up to defend it before parliament.” Really? Mr. Minister should be ashamed that a code of such magnitude will leave the Presidency to the Parliament and he is only called upon to defend. This goes a long way to show how the Cameroons government operates. A selected cult manages the country. Republican institutions have nothing to do. By this, the country cannot develop because there is no enough consultation and dialogue with all strata of national life to come forth with a consensus policies or documents which could be acceptable to all.

It is, therefore, no surprising to see how backwards the country had become.

God is still saying something.

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