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USA is Diplomatically Pushing the Independence Restoration Agenda of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia



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USA is Diplomatically Pushing the Independence Restoration Agenda of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia

The case for the Restoration of the Independence of the former British administered UN Trust territory of Southern Cameroons is so special, glaring, legally rooted and truth based to the extent that any nation with good moral conscience for humanity and detests colonialism will not hesitate to support. It is not a case of secession, neither is it a case of separation based on a legal union. It is a case of separation based on a none legally binding union and subsequent recolonization.

From the verbal shots fired at global dictators by US President, Donald Trump (which contextually and squarely targeted Paul Biya) when he mounted the rostrum at the 72nd Session of the UNGA; through the Post October 1st massacre Statement from the US State Department; to the many Statements by US Congress men from different states focussing on the Cameroons; and most recently, the letter by 24 Congress men and women, and 2 Washington DC Senators, all addressed to the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson and US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, on the need to take actions on the escalating tension in the Cameroons; there are all indications from the contents of these missives to say that the USA is diplomatically backing the Independence Restoration drive of the People of Southern Cameroons.

As if he was talking about Southern Cameroons and to Southern Cameroonians during his UN speech, Donald Trump had heavily criticised the continuous and open violation of the UN Chatter, which is like the Constitution of the UN and the legal document under which most UN member states were founded. He challenged citizens of the different member states to begin questioning the legal foundation of their countries with regards to the UN Charter. Donald Trump also lambasted brutal global dictators who arrest and imprison political reform leaders in their countries, shutdown internet and tear down satellite dishes. Such dictators according to the US President cannot rule forever.

From the root cause of the present struggle (which majority of us now know) and all the brutalities Paul Biya has meted out on Southern Cameroonians since November, 2016; does one need an interpreter to be told that the US President was also referring to Southern Cameroons in his speech?

A few weeks back, 24 Congress men had addressed a letter to the US Ambassador to the UN calling on her to consider tabling the Southern Cameroons case before the UN security Council, a request she promised to considered upon receipt of the letter. Just last week, 2 senators from Washington DC addressed another letter to the Secretary of State and the US UN Ambassador requesting for action of the escalating situation in Southern Cameroons. The letter read in parts as follows:

“We write to express our concern regarding the worsening situation in Cameroon. In particular, we would call your attention to reports by the New York Times and the BBC about the injuries, assault and deaths in the English-speaking regions. After the reported deaths of over 20 people during rallies held in early October, we are approaching a critical juncture. The rallies were held to protest the way Francophone and Anglophone Regions of the Country were fused together in 1961…

For reasons based on our national values and mutual interest, we support a unified Cameroon based on both equality amongst all languages and ethnic groups and mutual interest…

We also ask to be kept informed of the State Department and Ambassador Haley’s efforts to protect the rights of all languages and ethnic groups in Cameroon, in particular the country’s English-Speaking minority which has often been the target of discrimination… ”

Looking at the above extract from the said letter, one is tempted to asked some critical questions:

1. The Senators say after the October 1st Massacre, which they put the death toll at 20, “we are approaching a critical juncture”. Which critical juncture are they talking about? Do they have intelligence information on something about to happen which we are not privy to?

2. They also in line with national values and mutual interest, expressed their support for a unified Cameroon, based equality… We now ask; a unified Cameroon on what legal basis?

3. Is the US through the UN Security Council planning to force La Republique du Cameroon to return to the two state federal structure, without seeking the consent of Southern Cameroonians on how they want their future to look like in this illegal Union?

4. Has Paul Biya and La Republique show any willingness to return to the post-1961 and pre-1972 structure, this time with a legally binding agreement between the two peoples?

There is no way the UN or the US in this 21st century can unilaterally decide the fate of a PEOPLE without expressly seeking their opinions through a referendum, especially in a conflict like the one in Southern Cameroons which is anchored on manipulation of international law and the failure by the occupier state, LRC to respect the UN Charter. If they did not do it in 1961, certainly they cannot do it in 2017/18. Added to this, the US or the UN cannot force a country which was already granted independence in 1961 through UN Resolution 1608(XV) to continuously be in a Union with another Country against the wishes of the majority masses. That will be breading another future conflict, and experts within the US or UN are politically and diplomatically sensitive enough to understand this fact. Considering their quest for peace and political stability in this subregion, we don’t think they will want to make such a blunder again.

Based on all the above, we at BaretaNews are concluding that, as the US and UN continue to push for a permanent solution to the situation in Southern Cameroons, they are diplomatically and technically working towards the Independence of Southern Cameroons. This is because no solution shall be sought without visiting the root causes of this crisis, which basically emanates from how the two Countries were fused together in 1961. UN Resolution 1608(XV) has been crying for help for 56 years now and Donald Trump’s US through the UN must pushed towards its rescue.

Agbor James

Political News Analyst

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