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Deputy SDF Ndu Mayor Was Assassinated- Family Confirmed







My brother, Martin Fon Yembe was Assassinated – Sister cries out

Details have emerged as to the circumstances surrounding the dead of Comrade Martin Fon Yembe, Former Provincial Chairman of the SDF for NW, 1st Deputy Mayor for Ndu Council, Journalist and Human Rights Activist. Senior Equinox Journalist and Executive Editor of the online tabloid, Cameroon News Agency (CNA), has reported a narrative from the sister of the deceased on how he was assassinated by agents of La Republic du Cameroon at his apartment in Ndu, Donga-Mantung County of the Northern Zone of Ambazonia.

Margaret Yembe, a sister to the deceased Comrade, in an exclusive interview with CNA described as false, the claims that her brother was a victim of high blood pressure and had died a natural death. She insisted that the brother was visited by two uniform men that fateful evening, after he had just returned from an animation program over the Savannah Frontier Radio, FM 92.0, very healthy, strong and kicking.

Describing the scene of the incident, Margaret said;

“When I was called that night, I rushed to the health center where he was rushed to, I met him lying helplessly on the bed and I ask him what happened to him, he could barely talk but murmured in my ears that Some military men came and sprayed something that weakened him, after that I shocked him again to talk to me but he remained silent. There was need to evacuate him, so his son was asked to go bring his ID card from the house, this was after we waited for a long time for the DO to sign an order for his evacuation. The son who went to collect the ID card from the house was stopped by some military men on the road and got him well beaten taking him for one of the protesters. Before he could reach the health center, he was another patient and got admitted. My brother died before his evacuation, if you saw him he was fresh and showed no signs of sickness. That is someone who was animating Saturday night” She revealed.

Citing a phone conversation with another sister of the deceased, Vicky Yembe, CNA states that, the audio of late Luther Yembe’s radio animation that Saturday evening shows no sign of a man who was purported to be sick.

“when you listen to the audio ( referring to the animation by Fon Yembe on Saturday night in which he sent to her through WhatsApp), do you feel he was really sick? through out that animation did he cough?”

In the Audio, a copy of which CNA obtained, Martin Fon Yembe is said to have been animating on a Saturday in both English and the local Limbum language. In some lines of the animation which begins with a song from the grassland he said,

“Good evening and welcome to Savannah Frontier Radio FM 92.0…cooling the tension, feel at home, while the tension rising lower your temperature… my name is Martin Luther Shey Luntom, the messenger of the people, as the BIR guys invade Ndu, electricity has disappeared, so we give you electricity through our collection, what else can we do, what will be will be.”

Martin Fon Yembe, Deputy NDU SDF Mayor

Citing the same animation, Martin Fon Yembe is heard saying that as the people buried one guy shot in Buea on September 22, Terence Mbunwe from Ngarum village and buried Friday September 29, they should prepare for October 1, but that no one should destroy anything, “At this very critical moment we will be discussing issues at stake with everyone instilling fear in one another… who is frightening who? Nobody should be violent, just act like what you did on September 22, do not scatter anything, just march and greet the chiefs then go and have your drinks… We will not accept anybody to cross our land and cause chaos… we want peace, we want justice and above all we want freedom”.

The sister lamented that, “I warned my brother asking him to leave Ndu before October 1, 2017 because everyone was leaving and even the Mayor Bunyui Emmanuel Nyugab was not around but he said he is untouchable, that he will face the challenges. After his radio program which he sent me the audios, I warned him again but he wouldn’t listen.”

The comrade, Martin Fon Yembe, was only discovered in his apartment lying on the floor critically sick. The sister, Vicky Yembe says he, Martin revealed to them the next day that some men in uniform got him well beaten after his radio program, “ It was his son who first discovered that his father was lying helpless, he called the elder sister of the Deputy Mayor who came and rushed him to the hospital in Ndu. Martin told us that two men in uniform stormed the flat he was living in after he had escaped from his home where he was tear gassed last September 22, they asked him, ‘are you the one who buried Terence with a Southern Cameroons flag? The question was followed by tear gas and beatings”. She said.

The sister wondered why despite proofs that the deceased Mayor needed urgent treatment; the DO did not sign his transfer order on time. Vicky Yembe insisted that her brother was never sick, adding that his animation at the radio two days before his death is clear enough that he was targeted by security forces for his role in the mobilization of youths during the two events that saw thousands marching on September 22 and October 1, 2017.

From the narratives of the two sisters, and considering the role Mayor Martin Yembe was playing in this ongoing revolution, we cannot dispute the fact that he was a victim of targeted assassination. Comrade Martin Yembe was a fearless and vocal soldier of the revolution who operated from ground zero. At one point, one of the an anti revolutionaries on Facebook had even got obsessed with his tirades of La Republic and promised to make him (Yembe) “dance in a circle”. Whatever the anti revolutionary meant by that statement, can we therefore conclude that his elimination was part of the CIRCLE DANCING process?

It is also important to note that Hon. Justice Ayah Paul Abine was also targeted for assassination, at his home in Akwaya, when his house was heavily teargassed with the intension to suffocate him inside. Unfortunately for the enemy, the plan had filtered to the Ayah family and he was relocated from his home.
No matter how many strong voices La Republic tries to eliminate to kill this revolutionary movement, it will not change the destined outcome, which is the complete decolonization of the territory of Southern Cameroons, Ambazonia.

James Agbor

BaretaNews Political News Analyst

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