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Consortium SG Responds to Distress Calls from Ambazonians in Kondengue.







Secretary General of Consortium Responds to Distress Calls from Ambazonians in Kondengue.

Sometime last week, Ambazonian detainees in Paul Biya’s gulag represented by Mancho BCC and Senator Penn Terence, sent out a distress letter, requesting for more assistance from Ambazonians. They particularly requested the need for more food stuffs and other relief materials for their wellbeing, following the swelling number of Ambazonians in the Yaoundé dungeons. This increase according to them, has made their feeding increasingly challenging.

In response to that distress call, the Secretary General of the outlawed Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium (CACSC), Dr. Fontem Neba, came out to solicit the assistance of willing Ambazonians, to enable him visit the detained comrades. From every indication, these good will Ambazonians, responded to his call and he finally succeeded in visiting the comrades with necessary relief materials.

Below is a full statement of account from the academician himself on his visit to his one time home and the state of Ambazonian detainees still being held by the colonial regime of La Republique du Cameroun.

kondengui goods

“Dear Friends,

You would recall that late on the night of Saturday 20 January, I asked that we respond to the distress call of our brothers in Kondengui Central Prison. It suits my disposition to brief you on the success of the visit and the gratitude of our brothers, when we visited them today. It should be noted that by the time we got there, 19 more people had been brought, swelling the number to 124.

Your support yielded:

15 bags of rice, 2 bags of garri, 2 bags of Irish potatoes, 1 bag of cocoyams, 30 kg of Thon Fish, 40 L of Vegetable oil, 40 L of kerosene, a basket of fresh tomatoes, 4 cartons of tin tomatoes, Crayfish, Onion, Garlic, Okro, plantains.

They were thankful for the variety and were grateful for the quantity. It was nice to see Wakemba, Ngalim and the others with their beards. The problem of legal representation was recurrent. They harped on the herculean task before Barr. Ben Muna and Barr. Songwe Louiza who have been so unflinching in their commitment from the start, but it was clear that they were not ready to ride a willing horse to death. They appealed for support from other lawyers.

After that a visit was made to the Military Tribunal where Mancho, Penn, Tsi Conrad and others were due to appear.

As we travel through this dark night, I still see the smiles on the faces I met this afternoon. The warmth I felt as they took turns to hug me remind me that we can make their lives sublime even in the face of such adversity.

God bless you all who made my trip possible. May He continually increase you. Thank you for making me worthy of your trust. I have worn the shoe, I know how it feels. I hereby renew my commitment to do this work to the glory of the Most High.

Please, let us pray for their speedy release, but let’s not give up on the love we share. It is a source of hope behind those grim walls. Peace!

Fontem A. Neba, PhD.”

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