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The Church Will Not Shut Up- PCC Synod Clerk



The Presbyterian Church Cameroon (PCC) Synod Clerk continues his daily meditations in regards to the Anglophone struggle.

“We Proclaim To You The Eternal Life!”

Good morning Kongnyuy. The argument which Mbarga has raised asking that we should read our Bibles and leave politics to politicians is an old yarn that politicians have been spinning for centuries. Each time such statements are uttered be sure that the regime in power has become dictatorial, oppressive and repressive!

Remember it was King David who gathered material for the construction of the first temple and also composed most of the psalms. It was his son Solomon who built the first temple.
On the other hand, when a king did any wrong, it was a prophet who spoke to that king up front.

From biblical times through to our generation, church/state relationship has always been controversial. History reminds us that it was the Popes who crowned monarchs until when Bonaparte seized the crown from a Pope and crowned himself.

The state eventually has hegemony over the church because it is the state that authorizes the church to operate therein. However, the church’s mission remains that of the watchdog of society, the voice of the voiceless and the mouthpiece of the oppressed! Where the church coaches its language in words that harbours on ambivalence, she can be considered as a partner in crime! Note that by church here is meant any denomination and all denominations! The affairs of the church are inextricably linked to the affairs of the people who constitute the church. Therefore, in the face of chaos and mayhem that may end up disastrously, the ministers of God as individuals and the church as collective entity cannot be indifferent!

So Kongnyuy, pass this message to Mbarga and his cohorts that this is the reason why under the present dispensation, God’s prophets can’t shut up! Period! If Mbarga does not want to return Limunga and Che, then let him respect the gentlemanly agreement which he entered into with your grandfather years ago.

You know, the Word of life which came down from heaven and dwelled amongst us, and which we proclaim to you and who is the reason for the season is the very justification for our struggles! He came that we may have life in all its fullness! His mission was to fight injustices, inequalities, marginalisation and repression! Jesus the Christ does not want others to be second class citizens in a land where they are the rightful heirs! This is what we write to you so that when things work well – as it surely will – our joy will be complete (cf. 1Jn. 1: 1-4).

Greet everybody for us and tell them that as they prepare to enter into a new year, they should do so with renewed hope; because “hope does not disappoint us!”
God bless you. Peace be with you

PCC Synod Clerk

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