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Cameroon Government Recovers Over 552M FCFA From Embezzlers




Cameroon government claims its agency called the Special Criminal Court, SCC, has recovered over 552 million CFA from those accused and/or jail for embezzlement cases. The news was made known by the SCC as the body rendered its balance sheet of its stewardship for the past four years of its existence.The SCC was created in October 2012 by dictator Biya Paul

The report of the court claims it has recovered the sum of 552,588,642 FCFA from indicted government embezzlers. The body stated that they are still expecting some of the accused who are now under investigation to pay back into the state coffers the sum of 4,587,756,658 FCFA.


It should be noted that the SCC has sentenced over 43 top government officials with former Minister of Public Health, Olanguena Awono being its first victim to fall into the dragnet. The SCC claims the money recovers so far has been paid back into the state treasury. The report concluded that as of now, 65 government officials are being investigated while 31 others have been discharged and freed over the period of its existence.

Considering the nature of Cameroon government where there is no accountability and power lies in the hands of a selected few, BaretaNews holds the view that it is likely that this recovered money paid into the treasury will be recycled, mismanaged and embezzled by another cream of government officials and so the cycle continues. BaretaNews strongly posits that for the Government to show confidence in the process, money recovered from embezzlers should be deposited into a special separate account managed by an independent body . This money should be used to carry out visible projects within the national territory.

God is still saying something.

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