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Chantal Biya: I will Not Come Home Unless This Is Done



Chantal Biya, the Cameroons First Lady has been out of the country for three months running. The country seems worried and tongues are wanggling. However, intelligence reports suggest the first lady has given a series of conditions before she can return to the Cameroons. Reports say all attempts by her husband, President Biya to get her home has failed.

A source at the presidency revealed that Chantal believes it is time to input new energy around her husband. Chantal is vocal that Martin Belinga Eboutou, Minister Director of the Civil Cabinet of the President of the Republic., General Ivo Desancio, Director of presidential security and the current Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh must be sacked. BaretaNews cannot at this moment say why Chantal needs these gentlemen to be sacked. We cannot say what influence these guys have on Paul Biya that Chantal need them to go but it should be recalled that these guys especially General Ivo and Belinga Eboutou are central to Biya’s regime. It beats our imagination to think why the first lady thinks the old statesman Biya needs new blood around him. As far as we are concerned, Biya is done and dusted. There is nothing he can offer the Cameroons anymore. His time is over. Chantal should just come home. The old man cannot be helped anymore.

Cameroonians have been asking the whereabout of the First lady. It is evident that something is wrong somewhere. Would Mr. Biya bow to his wife supposed demands? This is left to be seen.

We of BaretaNews think it is utterly foolish to request such from the President while interfering into state affairs. She should return home and perform her marital duties and stop languishing state resources abroad.

God is still saying something

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