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Chantal Biya Dies: Is The Law of karma About Catching Up With French Cameroun?

By Mbah Godlove

The wife of late dictator Paul Biya, Chantal Biya has reportedly died.

A source closer to the presidency hinted BaretaNews that the first lady who had been sick for several months was confirmed dead on Tuesday June 16.

The source did not however say with certainty the immediate cause of her death, but presumed it might have been the CORONAVIRUS as was the case with her 87 year-old husband Paul Biya, and later their private doctor.

The death of the couple has been regarded as a revenge for the horrendous activities of the deceased Biya in Ambazonia.

As BN had earlier reported hours ago, a battle over who to succeed Biya has ensued between Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh and Louis Paul Motaze.

Meantime, BN’s source intimated that an ongoing parliamentary session is debating a bill that will reintroduce the post of Vice President who would continue from where the autocratic Paul Biya had ended in March 2020.

It is left to be seen whether the said parliamentary session would vote in Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh or Louis Paul Motaze as the man to take of over leadership in French Cameroun.

Pro-independence fighters in Ambazonia have been entreated to be more careful and determined in crushing the enemy during this precarious period of political turmoil in La Republic du Cameroun.

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