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Six LRC Terrorists Neutralised, 3 Arrested, Weapons Consfiscated








At least 6 terrorist forces of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC), have been neutralised in Acha-Tudig, some 20KM from Mbengwi, Momo County of the Northern Zone of Ambazonia. The incident that occurred at the weekend and even early this Monday July 2 2018, also witnessed the seizure of sophisticated weapons.

Three others have also been arrested and their vehicle burnt down, National Telegraph has learned.

Meanwhile, in Sanyere, a quarter still within Achu-Tugi, it’s confirmed, three other soldiers loyal to Mr. Biya have been killed following a gun battle that ensued in that precinct, Sunday June 1, 2018. The Ngwokong Bridge, linking Ngie and Mbengwi in the village of Ngwokwong has also been destroyed. Our sources also say no vehicle is able to move in or out of Ngie.

According to information gathered, the Ambazonian Defence group intercepted the terrorist on board a pickup vehicle, while they were returning to Mbengwi from Tudig. The Restoration Forces used a rocket propelled grenade to raze the pick-up vehicle while it was on a breakneck speed, killing the driver, Kounou Messanga, on the spot, before wasting 5 others later. In addition, two weapons of AK 47 types and, two boxes containing grenade bombs, rocket grenades, chargers and others, were carried out by the fighters in their retirement at the end of the fighting.

Moreover, five terrorists managed to escape with serious injuries. They include: Sergeant Chief Obama innocent of BTAP, corporal Kwa Clarence of the BTAP, Student Gendarme Banwe Levis, in secondment, Cadet Gendarme Tataw Victor, on secondment, and finally Student Gendarme Souleymanou Djaouro as his comrades at the Andek Gendarmerie Brigade.

Seized weapons in video below:

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews


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