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Celebrating Our Own: Top 10 Cameroonian Actresses



BaretaNews presents to you the top 10 Cameroonian actresses. It is the time we talk more about our own. Most of us can list the full names of actresses in Nigeria, Ghana, and Hollywood without knowing even a name of any Cameroonian actress or actors. Our baby industry is still growing, these actresses and actors need our support. We should talk about them albeit positively, we should celebrate them, we should buy and watch their movies, we should attend their movie launch all in a bid to promote them. BaretaNews will be making it a duty to promote these actresses and actors in its own way. Yes, together as a people, we can skyrocket our entertainment industry. Let us learn to consume more products from the Cameroons.

This ranking has been done by Kamerpedia. Kamerpedia is Cameroon largest encyclopedia involved in all aspects of Cameroonian cultures. They came up with the ranking based on the fast growing industry of the Cameroons Entertainment. They decided to create a list where voters voted on facebook and through messages either yahoo mail or Facebook. Their ranking which is carried out every 6months January 1st to June 30th release in early July and July 1st to December 30th release in early January will help Cameroonians to know who their actors and actresses are and also artists and who are topping the charts.

Kamerpedia stipulated that this ranking is based on the movies released from January 1st 2016 to June 30th, 2016. Their next ranking will range from July 1st, 2016 to December 31st, 2016 which will be released on the 1st week of January 2017. Voting results are sent to them through and Facebook messages. June and December are the voting months. You can follow them on Facebook here: Kamerpedia

Kamerpedia ranked them as follows:

1. Solange Yijika is Cameroon biggest actress and one of the most prominent when it comes to the film Industry. She has acted in so many movies like Royal Destiny,the Troubled Kingdom just to name a few. She is one of the Cameroons most admired actress and she deserves her place.


2. Ade Kelly is a Cameroonian actress with a lot of determination in her roles. She stood out in most of her movies like Nightfall in Gemba and the rest. A great actress to reckon with in the industry.


3. Syndy Emade: Every household in Cameroon should know this actress. She is the CEO of Blue Rain Entertainment and played a vital role in the movie Rose on the Grave. Kudos to her great work.


4. Solange Ojong is a great actress, haven’t acted with Jim Iyke in most movies, it was rumored at one point in time that !!!!. She acted in Rose on the Graves.


5. Lucie Memba is a Cameroonian actress originally from West Region. She is playing a vital role in the industry when it comes to displaying bilingualism. She is a key actress in the movie La patrie d’abord directed by Thiery Ntamack.


6. Sende Bende in the movie Lara’s Song, you will realize the true acting of an actress. She is real in acting. She deserves her position. She is a great Cameroonian actress to reckon with.


7. Adela Elad is a great Cameroonian actress and CEO of MAE. Haven’t acted in a lot of movies and even produces some, there is no doubt that Adela Elad hasn’t made it. She just produced the movie NIGHT IN THE GRASS FIELD.


8. Christa Eka has acted in a lot of movies. Her short movies have won awards in Nigeria. Damaru and Belleh stood out from her acting career. She is a well-decorated actress and deserves her place in the industry.


9. Nsang Dilong is a great actress, no doubt. A former model now a full-time actress, she is having fun with acting. Her latest movie Tchanga & Inoma is a great movie.


10. Adel Dikana and other actresses like Ruth Nkweti, Candylaurice Tanyisong, Malvis Ann Mohvu fall under this category. The Cameroon Film Industry has evolved within the years and is going beyond boundaries.


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