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“US LAWYER” Threatens BaretaNews – Your Reaction



BaretaNews started sometime in 2009 when the publisher joined Facebook. Since then, this platform has been churning out political, economic and social information on a daily basis to Cameroonians home and abroad who are hungry for information. We have also been involved in advocacy. Since then, BaretaNews have received tremendous supports from its audience through comments, shares, and private messages. We duly appreciate.

Throughout the years, we have been very civil in our discourse. The publisher of BaretaNews, Mr. Mark Bara engages also with his audience, he argues albeit respectfully and he has not been afraid to call black and white as it should be called. BaretaNews will not be bullied. We have made it a duty to report genuinely as it should be done.

You will recall that two months ago, there was a scandal in Maryland where a Cameroonian made public a sex tape video of another Cameroonian. BaretaNews made known this to the public after a comedian in the USA made a video on it and since then we followed up with updates and responses from both the victim and the accused. Our last update was the revealing response the victim gave out to BaretaNews.

However, today 7th July 2016, BaretaNews received a mail from a supposed lawyer in the USA who claims to represent the victim. The mail threatens me and my family. The letter insinuated that I could be arrested and my place of birth will be investigated (see screenshot attached). While BaretaNews is not disturbed by this information, we just want to make it known to the public to see how stupid those who engages in this could go. The language used in the email totally represents a street language and it beats our imagination why a lawyer who writes to us will threaten and used an email not related to the said office. By the way, the name after google search has nothing to do with this lawyer.

letter to BaretaNews

Name: Richard Healy


Comment: Greetings
This message is on regards to the sex scandal that you contributed in spreading across the web and on all other social media. The illegal use of the victims pictures and the side of your story which is contradictive to the court case and the story of the victim involved. Information was gotten from the victim that you started this whole allegations. As the attorney involved in this case, am writing to you to kindly take down the stories you have allover social media till the verdict is released. This is to ensure the safety of our clients. As the court case is on, we will be in touch with you, so you can give us an insight from where you got the story and how your accusations all began. I will keep an eye on your facebook and your website to ensure that you follow instructions.

Though you are not present in the United States of America, we can still be granted a warrant for your arrest. So I will advice that you follow instructions as this investigations are going on. In the meantime we have sent agents to invesigate your place of birth and your family. Any person of your family will go down if you do not follow our instructions.

Richard. A. Healy
Attorney at Dekald County Jail
Georgia, Atl

Time: July 7, 2016 at 8:20 PM
IP Address:
Contact Form URL:
Sent by an unverified visitor to your site.


BaretaNews is aware this has been crafted by some individuals who are directly related to the accused girl(s) or by the alleged girl(s) themselves. It is very funny to read the letter written as if it is coming from the victim meanwhile BaretaNews has been in constant touch with the victim even as we write now. Who is the victim here? The lady whose sex tape was exposed or the alleged girl(s) who made it public? Some people can really be stupid and they lack basic knowledge on how to fake and make it real.

BaretaNews is, therefore, calling on those involve to give it up. We know you or they might be reading us now. You do not threaten Mark Bara aka Mbarakanamozo. Relax, end it and hope you go about your activities making ends meets for you and your families in the Cameroons.

God is still saying something.

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