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Cameroun under Pressure, UN playing diplomacy.



Cameroun under Pressure, UN playing diplomacy.

BaretaNews can now report that the UN Secretary General Representative (SRSG)for central Africa visited Cameroon as a result of the ongoing Anglophone crisis. This is arguably the first time the Anglophone crisis has caught the eyes of the UN in a more detailed manner. However, the impression of BaretaNews is that the UN is still to voice out the rights note in regards to this crisis.

The UN top official for central Africa in a Press conference today called for the release of all Southern Cameroonians arrested and for the restoration of the internet. He also appreciated government for the steps taken to redress this crisis. You now understand the diplomacy here from the UN. We need to strike the right notes.

BaretaNews can also report that the visit of the UN Secretary-General for central Africa is as a result of allegations that the international community is shying away from the crisis in the Anglophone Regions as reported by Maurice Kamto.

BaretaNews also took notice that the UN official met with Barrister Ben Muna and some lawyers for the Defense yesterday and also had a detailed meeting with the President of the Consortium Barrister Agbor Balla at the principale prison in kondengui.

We are told Consortium President briefed the UN delegation on the current situation concerning the West Cameroon crisis. The SRSG also met with the minister of Justice, foreign affairs, SG at the Presidency, British High Commissioner, Canadian High Cmmisioner, French and US Ambassadors in working visits concerning these issues.

It is the opinion of BaretaNews that because the UN is not striking the right notes, it has become necessary to uphold now the 3Hs and more importantly the hands. The heads and hearts have been used more often. The hands should probably be more active now.

If we want independence we must buckle up and get serious. We must strike the right notes to get the UN singing a good language we all want to hear. Are we together?

God is still saying something
Mark Bareta
From Bui County
Southern Cameroons
Follow the struggle and not individuals

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