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Douala Ports Manager Dies In France, Prophesy To Continue !!!!!




The general manager of one of Cameroon’s most lucrative state corporations, Douala Ports Authority, Emmanuel Etoundi Oyono, has died. The 65-year-old died in a Paris hospital Sunday morning reported CRTV National station


Oyono’s Douala office has been sealed. Firm instructions also came from high quarters in Yaounde that the premises be kept under heavy military surveillance.


Oyono, port manger

Oyono, port manger

Last year Oyono had left the management of the ports authority vacant for about three months until his deputy was officially designated to act in the interim when his absence became worrisome.The long absence was quickly seen as that he escaped the claws of the operation sparrow hawk which was said to be hovering over him…reported many media sources

Guardian Post


Etoundi Oyono was appointed the general manager of the Douala Ports Authority in 2012. He and the institution’s board chair, Shey Jones Yembe, were installed into their functions on the same day (March 28, 2012) by the then minister of transport, Robert Nkili.


Oyono has been facing allegations of embezzlement and mismanagement while at the helm of one the ports authority

The guardian post in their Tuesday 26th Edition claimed a Prophet had prophesied the passing of more top officials. While this may be true or not, why is the prophesy not taking the head first?


God is still saying something.

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