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Nanje is our Hero: BaretaNews Celebrates Him



Mambe Churchill Nanje, 30, is a software engineer resident in Buea, South West Region. He is the founder of Njorku, one of Africa’s biggest job search engines. He has created a platform where Africans from any corner of the globe wishing to search jobs in any African countries can create a profile and search for jobs at the same time received notifications for available jobs that match their profile. Speaking to the Guardian UK he said ” Basically, we are like a Google search engine for jobs in Africa. Unlike other sites, Njorku does not host the jobs – it searches the internet for them, meaning it can be used anywhere on the continent. Recently we saw a lot of traffic from Sudan, like 500 users daily. I don’t even know how they got to us.”


Nanje who created the website from his bedroom two years ago says Njorku has served more than 2 million unique users across 11 African countries since its creation. The Guardian UK went on to say Njorku exemplifies the optimism surrounding Africa’s digital economy at present.


Nanje story is so inspiring. This is a guy who could not pay for the internet. He will hang around cafes in Molyko Buea until the owners will get him free internet access. He begins learning coding and from there he could make money, get a house for himself, get a business, take care of his younger siblings and here is the guy now helping mother Africa. This is a story which shows his humble upbringing and inspires us that our background does not necessarily matter but hard work and determination pays.


Nanje revealed that at the age of 20 he set up his first company, AfroVision, an IT consultancy. He went on to say this was a success, but faced high a rate of employee attrition. He, therefore, went to build something big for himself and so Njorku came into being. Asked why the name Njorku, he revealed “We wanted to build a tool that is as big as an elephant. That’s the inspiration behind the name and the logo,” he says, adding that Njorku means elephant in many Bantu languages.


Buea known as Silicon Mountain is the top technological city in the Cameroons. It houses many tech startups than anywhere else in the country. Nanje through his works has continued helping many others in the country.


Though faced in a country where politics and governance are very corrupt and bad, this has not stopped Nanje from moving ahead. He is an inspiration to young people that despite the political and economic hardship the regime must have put Cameroonians through, things are still possible in the Cameroons through hard work, commitment and dedication.


I have known Nanje for over 7 years now, his humility and burning desire to succeed is what drives him through. He is our hero, we celebrate him. Cameroonians and Africans wherever they are should visit this link Njorku, create a profile and make use of this great platform.


BaretaNews wishes Mambe Churchill good luck and we pray that he continues bringing in projects that will go a long way to help the Cameroons and mother Africa.

We of this platform are proud of him.

God is still saying something.

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